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Volumio 3 Issues?

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Hello everyone!

Does anyone have .img files of previous versions of volumio? The newest version 3.512 is not working very well on my
system so I’d like to downgrade it to 3.435. I would need the RPi .img of version 3.435. The problem with the newest version is that my Pi is playing songs too fast, also internet radio.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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by any chance, do you have FusionDSP plugin installed and active?

Thanks for the quick response. I have never used this plugin, but installed it anyway. I don’t know what happened, but probably my Pi or my Digi+ Pro card has been reset and everything works great again, even without this plugin. Thank you very much. John

Thanks judydudi for the link

Was the problem solved by turning back to the old version or did you solve anyway?
Can you explain in more details what is the issue? This way we can solve it

i had the same problem on one device that audio was playing too fast. FusionDSP was installed. The new installation is still without the plugin. I want to use the plugin there, so I will deal with it again and will give feedback here…

Thanks, this way we can deploy a fix effective for everyone.

@balbuze do you have any idea on what could cause this?

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Humm I need log. So, it was not working with previous version, right?
I’ve seen it in rare cases, with certain DAC, even without DSP. It seems the sample rate played (44.1kHz) is seen as 48kHz or other by the alsa/DAC then not played as the correct speed.
Trying to resample in FusionDsp may correct it, but not sure…

i have tried it several times now and can’t get it to reproduce.

Can I get the link too, please ?
I m rolling back 3.512 to 3.396 (which I had on my hard disk) because I got a very stressfull behaviour : the temperature of the PI4 has increased to a point where it smells and the PI4 hung. cannot be 100% sure at this stage but cannot afford the risk.

No, We can’t do that :innocent: btw if it ain’t your feet you need a better cooler

I run v3.252 on a Rpi4 @70°C with DSP.
Did you install a plugin or something else.?
How do you get the temperature? With the plugin systeminfo?
Edit : I checked and it is only 57°C

Thank you for your attention :slight_smile: I didn’t realize the temperature was available from this plugin, I m gonna use it to check now :slight_smile:

The latest release, 3.512, doesn’t cause extra heat, with or without DSP.

My 4B, which sits on the back of the standard 7" screen, is running at 51.6 C.

My 3B which is also without a case and has an 12S DAC strapped on is currently 48.3 C.

Both running 3.512. Neither have cooling fans or heatsinks.