Odroid N2+ no HDMI or S/PDIF, only USB

HI, did anyone get sound out of the HDMI and/or S/PDIF ports? I only get sound through my USB port (to my DAC and then analogue to my AVR).

(When I try a similar settng with RPi4/Hifiberry Digipro through Coax S/PDIF it works fine. And when I swith the Odroid to boot up Coreelec it also works fine in Kodi interface.)

I can select the S/PDIF or HDMI in playback output on the Odroid Volumio. My goal is no volume mixing and no sampling. However if I use mixing or sampling also no sound comes out.

Anyone has an idea? Please tell me. Your help will be appreciated.

B.T.W. when i tried to install Kodi plugin to see if I get it working there, Kodi does not want to start up. Also not on Rpi4 but I think this is caused by the fact that i needs Buster kernel.

@gkkpch Could this be the issue?

No, that is unrelated.
Did you connect a TV to HDMI or just an AV receiver without a TV connected?
And for spdif, did you take the signal from pin J7.2?

Both work fine here, so there must be something configuration-specific.

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you did not answer my question. My plan is to start with Volumio 3 next week, but when I don’t get your details, I won’t take it as a priority.

Odroid C4. If I connect a TV to HDMI, all work fine here.

Odroid C4 != Odroid N2

But happy to hear, I tested s/pdif a while ago on a C4 with a self-created adapter on pin J7.2
And it worked fine, so is line-out on the 2 “secret” pins of the C4.
My Volumio images support both.

So, why it doesn’t on N2/N2+?
J7 is there but hardly tested (I never did) because you need to solder a header.
This is what we need to find out…

I need some info from you, see above.
As Odroids are next in line for Volumio 3, it would be good to get this fixed at the same time.

Hi. I reported the same issue some time ago (in November). I use J7 on N2 directly connected to my amp’s dac via coaxial cable. On version 2.857 it works well (there is sound on J7 and hdmi out). All never wersions are affected and have this problem. Have you had a chance to root cause it?

Yes @speedy12, I’m aware what you reported and I answered you then that N2 had no priority at that moment because we were concentrating on the main platforms (PI, Tinkerboard and x86).
I presume you have noticed that we are still in the middle of the first rollout of Volumio 3.
So please take a breath, you are welcome continue to use 2.857 until then, I’m not fixing issues on pre-releases.
But thanks for the J7.2 confirmation.

@gkkpch Thanks for update I have to admit, you are doing great job with porting volumio to odroid. I’ll keep waiting for volumio 3 then and stay with 2.857 till new version is ready. Can’t hardly wait. :slight_smile:

This issue has been resolved, S/PDIF will come with the next version, configurable to be on Pin 7 (default) or pin J7.2 (header to be soldered).

HDMI gets muted every time when either HDMI or S/PDIF gets selected.
This due to an error in the audio card profile.
For a quick test, select HDMI and then

amixer -c 0 sset 'Audio hdmi-out mute' off

This will also be fixed, but only for the next Volumio 3 version.
I’m not updating Volumio 2,