Volumio 2 on Odroid Boards

After restart, installed plugins disappeared from “installed plugins list”…

I can confirm we have issues with plugins, just tried to activate the Spotify plugin and this seems to restart volumio and results in still being inactive.
Unclear why this could be C2-specific, perhaps some regression further down the Volumio line.

Hi Gkkpch

One request, is it possible to get a armbian 4.17 kernel based Volumio build for odorid c2?

Trying to do it myself but my Linux skill is not up to the task…

Really appreciate the help.


though the 4.17 kernel works very well with the C2, I have no intention to make it available until Baylibre adds the i2s drivers we so desperately need to run the HiFi shield.
I’m on the mailing list for Amlogic progress, but nothing has popped up yet in that direction.
They are already working on 4.18, so I guess we won’t get anything before 4.19 (or even later).

My experience with a C2 has been lovely, but at the end of the day we are reliant on upstream updates for kernel and device support. It’s the one thing that keeps driving me back to RPis for their support.

Agree, there is too much missing at the moment.
Our focus is on audio, so i2s, spdif, hdmi and usb audio. Except for usb audio nothing is there yet…

Hmm, I only need the USB audio :wink:

Is there a easier way to do it?

Or would it possible to install volumio on top of a armbian 4.17 odroid c2 ?

Thank you

There is no way to put volumio on top of an existing distro.
I’m curious though, why are you so keen on 4.17, is there anything specific you need from it?
USB audio on C2 works fine with the current version.


Any news on Myvolumio porting on Odroid (mine is C1+) boards ?

No news and nothing has been planned yet for any of the community portings.

and I now have news, yes, we are going to make versions for selected community portings.
Just come back and check here once in a while, there is no fixed date, but I’m aiming for early December

Nice to hear. But there is no emergency. Myvolumio interests me for Qobuz who is a pain in the ass to listen with bubbleupnp.

We don’t do “emergencies” anyway :mrgreen:

as promised: the first myVolumio image for Odroid C2: volumio-2.499-2018-11-15-odroidc2

The version for the Odroid C1 has been fixed and will follow this weekend.

NICE ! I’m waiting for the C1+ version \o/

EDIT : volumio-2.459-2018-09-20-odroidc1 works like a charm :mrgreen:

C1(+) now also has myVolumio, sorry it took me so long to update the OP
C2 version has been bumped to 2.523 as well.

Edit: Sorry, the C2 version mentioned here appears to be wrong after all, but the download link in the OP is correct

You mean 2.513? Or 2.523 - not downlodable, not available online…

Tapatalkkal küldve az én CLT-L29 eszközömről

Very strange!
To make sure I did not make an editorial mistake I clicked both the C1 and C2 link and the following downloads are fine.

Edit: I corrected my previous post.

Hi, i’m new to odroid device, wanted to try volumio soft, but my C2 doesn’t boot with this image (2.513). I’m stuck with this screen, please help :slight_smile:
2018-12-18 07.06.04.jpg

Before I release a download link I always flash the images to my test rigs.
I know the C2 has no issues, it boots fine with myVolumio included.

To be able to help you, I need more info.
Could you do a log from the volumio.local/dev page and let me know the url you receive when submitting?
Do you operate the C2 with a Hifi Shield or without?