Not able to activate device

I am on a free account. I decided to factory reset my Volumio installation on my Raspberry Pi4. My original installation had become completely unresponsive because my library is so large.

I used the factory reset button in System. Volumio took awhile to mount my NAS, but it did, finally. Now am on version 3.616. Netwoek connection is wired at static IP address.

I previously was able to access plug-ins but I cannot now. My plug-in page says I need to log into MyVolumio. I in fact am logged into MyVolumio, but the device table now is empty.

I have logged in and out repeatedly and have restarted the device several times. Is there something else that I should do? I tried to upload a log file using the tech support form, but it does not seem to be going through. I have looked at other posts here, but most have suggested SSH access and, honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do once I enabled that capability.

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Seems you have a datetime issue. Please check if they are correct.
See: Date Time issues rPi4 - #57 by Wheaten

Thank you.

I factory reset again. This time, although I can’t activate my Volumio device in my account, I do have access to the plug-ins, which is what I wanted to accomplish.

  • Delete your device from:
  • Log out on your device
  • reboot
  • check if your datetime is correct
  • login on your device again and wait 1-2 minutes.