Newbie Problem: Failed to open Alsa


sorry, if my english isn´t that correct.

System as following:
IQAudio Pi DigiAmp+
mpd_display plugin with a ssh1106 oled-display

My problem is as following, at first power up, Volumio displays an error “Failed to open “alsa” (alsa); Failed to open ALSA device “volumio”: Device or resource busy”

To get my system working, I enter System-Playback, turn off I2C and change the output device to “Headphone”, store this setting and switch I2C on again, select “IQAudio Pi DigiAmp+” and restart the system.
After the reboot, the system is working proberly without errors. Until I switch off. Then the procedure starts over again.
Switching off or deinstalation of mped-plugin makes no difference.

I´d like to know, if this is a problem with my DigiAMP or a volumio-error?



please, give volumio version
Was it working without the screen wired?

Volumio Vers. 3.396

There is no difference wether the display is connected or not

I believe you Digiamp uses the same pins as MPD_OLED.
Please uninstall MPD_OLED and get first the Digiamp working.

I´ve seen, that there are some GPIOs used by both, so I changed them in the MPED interface.

Nonetheless, the result of testing it out is as following:
Disconnect OLED-Display → no change
Install older version of plugin → no change
Disable Plugin and disconnect display → working!

So it seems to be a plugin error to me?!
And why is it not working even with changing of used GPIO´s?

Please have a look here.

I´m not using I2C Device, it´s a SPI device.

Then I can’t help. Don’t have the hardware.