New filter/sorting options to highlight newly added albums

Hi all!

It would be good to have more filter and sorting options, alongside to the existing ones (Favorites, Genres, Last 100)!
I would be very keen to have “Year” using the year tag of the records, and probably something like “Recently added” for new music on USB-harddrives for example. In “Recently added”, there can be shown the last 20 albums added, sorted by the AlbumArtists- and Album tag.


Yes, a popular request, I’d love it to offer last 10 added, or last 3 months added or similar.

If you have a spare device (or use Synology NAS for hosting your music) and willing to give Jellyfin a try, the Jellyfin plugin will do what you want.

It would be great to have a ‘sort by’ icon on album view, with options for alphabetical by artist (current default), date added and release date.

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