New 2023 Spotify Plugin

I need to do the same before I go slightly crazy waiting for the issues to be resolved. I tried looking for the 3.0.9 version without luck. Are you able to outline the steps that you went through, please? I’m guessing a few people will be interested in following them…


I just switched back to the old SD-Card with the previous Version of the OS, with the plugin already integreted. I have no clue if the Spotify plugin is available somewhere over the internet, sorry.

When a webradio or a local media is playing and I want to play spotify from the phone to volumio, when I choose Volumio device the playback of spotify starts over the allready playing media and the sound shutters because the volumio is trying to play 2 source in the same time. Why is happening this, the normal behavior was like stop actual media and the play spotify. I am missing something? Thanks! Rpi4 with USB sound blaster

you could use dietpi. It’s a bit cluncky but ver reliable and it works with most DACs


That’s a very tempting idea. I have the Primo so I was hoping to keep everything standard Volumio, but much more of the ‘jumping’ and I may jump to DietPi and give that a go.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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