My new Volumio streamer

This is my new streamer, it has several interesting features: two internal removable HDs, a TFT 5" display, a CD player for ripping, a jack output for headphones and a linear power supply.
IMG_9010 (2).jpeg


Niiiiiiice! Can you share some more info? I love it!


Hi Michelangelo,
happy to hear from you, this streamer has these feature:

  • Display touch screen 5” resolution of 800 x 480
  • Case entirely in aluminum with a 10mm front. Chrome damping feet.
  • Inlet IEC filter for the reduction of electrical noise from the power supply network
  • Two toroidal power transformers Hammond 1182 Series
  • Independent power supplies for each circuit, very low noise, made with Analog low dropout linear regulators LT3083, tantalum capacitors and precision resistors
  • Raspberry Pi4 with 4Gb RAM for the management of the audio player and the touch screen display unit
  • Mini wireless keyboard to interact with the graphic interface
  • Cable extension for Micro-SD (TF) for easier replacement of the software audio player
  • Two 4Tb hard disk each housed in as many removable drawers
  • One LG CD/DVD reader and writer, “slot loading”, for ripping optical media or for listening to it
  • 1 USB 3.0 output for external use of the two internal HDs: with a special button on the front panel it is possible to “unmount” these from Volumio OS and make them available on PC or MAC.
  • Controls PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT and PREVIOUS on front panel
  • Headphone output with a standard 6mm jack on the front panel, directly connected to RPi jack
  • 1 USB 3.0 input on the front panel for connecting external HDs, USB sticks, etc.
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 1Gbps ethernet connectivity
  • 2 USB 2.0 input on the rear panel
  • 2 HDMI output on the rear panel
  • 1 USB output for connecting an external DAC
  • Dimensions 435mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 180mm(H)
  • Weight 11,8 Kg

Everything works very well except the HDMI output: I was unable to operate the DSI display and the HDMI output simultaneously, do you have any suggestions to give me?
The second HDMI socket will be connected to an AUDIO-GD DIY I2S to HDMI Output Module. The idea is to provide an I2S output on HDMI.
If you want more info I am at your disposal.
Congratulations on the great work on Volumio it is my preferred system.

Congratulations! Very well done! It looks (and I think it was) pricely. :wink: I like systems like that with these spec´s.

What case / fascia did you use?

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I buyed a “Slim line” cabinet from

It looking very nice
do they handle holes for buttons and LCD?
by the way how did you print descriptions on front panel,


Yes, they handle holes and they use a laser printer for descriptions on front panel. The result is really good.

This looks very nice :slight_smile:
What model of LCD display do you have ?

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This is the LCD screen: OSOYOO 5 Inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen DSI Connector LCD Display Monitor 800x480 Resolution for Raspberry Pi 4 2 3 3B+ (5"DSI screen), I buy it on Amazon.


Could you please tell. Me what buttons have you used for play and what led size?
Did you manage it in the end to have display also on hdmi and dsi?

Hi Lintbf,
the button are simple pcb push button. They are activated by aluminum cylinders inserted in the front panel. The LEDs are normal 3mm, the front panel is 10mm depth and has a blind hole of 3mm diameter for 6mm deep and a second concentric trough hole of 2mm.
Unfortunately I was unable to get the simultaneous video output on HDMI and DSI, there are a lot of software problems.

Thanks for the picture and the detailed explanation,
I do not know what to buy osoyoo 5 inch tft or waveshare 4.3 ips…
How do tou configure buttons with volumio plug-ins?

From where did you get those cylinder?

Hi Lintbf,
sorry for the delay. Recently I bought this screen and it looks great to me.
In the GPIO Buttons Plugin details you find a guide to configure the buttons, if you need further clarification ask as well.
The cylinder are knobs for switches that I adapted, you can find them on the Audiogears website.

Thanks, I have managed to add buttons using gpio plugins and it is working, I have also a led for the status.
I have observed that when I power off using the button the volumio shutdown power off more fast then if I send the shutdown command from the interface or direct from cli… I se ethat because I have a led on txd line…
Now I am searching to find some momentary buttons and covers to put them in a case…
This new display is working OK? The quality is ok?

Yes is a good HDMI LCD, however it has a resolution of 800x600 and therefore the Volumio interface is a bit squashed; I prefer this 800x480 screen which has a better interface rendering.

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So you are saying that 800x480 are preferred resolution for volumio?
This will be my first display… I wanted to buy a 5 inch dsi… Or it is better a hdmi?
Thanks for your help.

Yes, I think the 800x480 is a better resolution, with the DSI you save a USB socket because the LCD HDMI needs a USB connection for the touch. Choose a capacitive touch.

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Between 5 inch and 4.3 inch what will be the correct one?
Finaly I need to chose from

  1. Osoyoo TFT DSI 5 800x480
  2. Waveshare IPS. DSI 4.3 800x480
    What will be the best solution?