Multiroom audio

What is the state of in sync multi-room audio? Is the current approach to use the snapcast plugin? Is there something else in the works that’s native?

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What is the state of in sync multi-room audio?

Under development

Is the current approach to use the snapcast plugin?

The snapcast plugin can be used, but it has a number of drawbacks. In particular it doesn’t play well with some other plugins such as equalisers. It can also be a challenge to configure correctly, and it needs to be reconfigured every time something makes a change to your ALSA or MPD configuration

Is there something else in the works that’s native?

There is work happening in this area, but it is listed as a premium feature

so I guess no ticket to track?

My solution for this -which turned out work quite well for my needs- is to use Volumio with the LMS plugin as the multi-room server. The user interface to control everything is the Material skin in LMS.
Great advantage for me was that there is a well-functioning Airplay plugin that connects to old Apple devices, so I didn’t have to replace everything in every room at the same time.

interesting. I will explore that route and see if it matches my needs. Thanks for the tip!

This is a much more polished experience for groups. Just trying to figure out how to make the lms server change the volume on the volumio clients and this should work for me.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, playing 6 rooms synchronised without a problem. Volume can be controlled from LMS, but it then depends on your devices wether it’s hard- or software controlled (I don’t link volume between players).
I love that you can control it easily from any laptop, tablet or phone, or from the touch screen or remote control on the server.

Figured it out just needed to set the -V Digital option in the extra params for hifiberry amp2

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I have instaled MiniDLNA plugin on every room I have installed some Old Android Phones Or whatever you whant and can Play.
BubbleDLNA is what i have use on phones!
Even my TV see the DLNA server.
Also I have installed Raspberry Pi zero W with Pirate Audio DAC. I can control what I have listen over DAC Buttons!

But if you use DLNA, can it be synchronised between multiple players? For me that is essential because I usually have the doors open between the various rooms where the music is playing.

Next step for me, after I have replaced all the old Apple Airport devices with Volumio on Raspberries, would be to try to switch them all to Squeezelite.
But the small tests I did so far with the Squeezelite plugin on Volumio have proven to be a bit of a challenge…

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squeezelite is working for me I had to use the extra params to point to my squeezebox server. Do you have any android devices? I can’t find an app that works as an lms client?

that’s what the hifiberry one looks like

Thanks, that’s useful, I’ll try that. (it looked different for me, but I always switch to the classical view in stead of contemporary in Volumio).

For the App I simply use it as a webapp pined to the homescreen of my iPhone, which works great and looks good. But the Material documentation does mention a native Android App:

does that make the phone a speaker? I want my android tv to be another output.

Ah, no, sorry, That’s a controller only.

For a client on Android I wouldn’t know. If it does Chromecast there might be a LMS plugin for that. Otherwise a cheap PiZero playing over HDMI might be an option?

sorry a question. assuming that I can get all this to work, is it possible to have plugins configured independently in each room? and different dacs? if so I have finally solved the problem of multi-amplification in the car. two Raspberry synchronized one with dac on front source and one with dac on subwoofer. I know that the 2.1 piano dac exists but in the car it is fundamental to delay and equalize independently. I don’t know if in translator it allows me to explain well.

Assuming every room will have it’s own device and own instance of Volumio, sure. (and it’s own DAC or other sound output)

I will do some tests. surely in the car with wi fi it will be difficult to listen in streaming from tidal. but at least from local disc I will be able to get good results. thank you

I am trying to set up native multiroom playback in volumio3 but I only get playback on the main instance. I tried dsd over pcm and dsd direct, but it does not make a difference. I left the multirrom settings at their default values. Advice?

Yes, the two (or more) Volumio instances in a multiroom setup are independent and can have their own configurations and plugins installed.

The multiroom “feed” is early in the pipeline. Any plugins that apply before it (usually none) will affect all players, any plugins after will only apply to the player that has them installed/configured.

A good example of this is software volume, which would apply independently to each Volumio instance, allowing one multiroom participant to be loud and another quiet. DRC or equaliser controls would behave similarly as long as they don’t force themselves to the start of the plugin pipeline.