miniDSP SHD streamer

Hello; a question directed aspeccially to the Volumio support.

I intend to buy miniDSP SHD streamer, so please confirm that OEM Volumio, pre-installed on mini DSP SHD, does not require Volumio subscription (Premium plan) purchase to obtain access to “Native TIDAL and Qobuz integration” functionality - I have received such assurance from miniDSP.

I understand that having Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions is necessary in this case - and I subscribe them.


I am not Volumio support, but I own a SHD Studio and can confirm there is no need to subscribe to the Premium plan! However…the Volumio on Studio has less features than the non-OEM version!

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Thank you for the information.

I regret it but I expected it.

Correct, it is included in your miniDSP purchase price.
Do not worry about the “less functionality”, this will get a boost as soon as the minidsp version is updated to volumio 3. There is an official statement about why this has not happened yet in one of the mindsp community SHD series threads (don’t ask me which one, I would have to search as well).

Is it a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription?

afaik lifetime

Right. Subscription is included. No need to renew.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but any news on Volumio 3 for miniDSP SHD?

I am happy with my rPi4 as streamer, but wouldn’t mind try Volumio on my SHD.


I think this question is not for Volumio but for miniDSP?

Actually it’s a question for both :wink: Us and MiniDSP are in active talks to port Volumio3 to MiniDSP platform. No news yet about that.


Hello! I bought a SHD STUDIO MINIDSP device. Does the built-in Volumio include a Bluetooth input playback option? What would that actually mean? Because, as far as I know, there is no Bt antenna on the Shd Studio…another question: does the built-in nanopi module not have any HDMI output? So there is no way to hack an hdmi display? :slight_smile:
thanks, whoever can help with these.

Hi, unfortunately the built-in Nanopi Neo3 (when you have a black usb port) does not have wifi/bt or hdmi ports.

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Thanks! Sorry, I would have liked to hack a display for it. (although I’m not sure it could handle a peppymeter). However, I still don’t understand what the built-in Volumio BT option is for… My shd studio added only an USB wifi-dongle…

Volumio has a an interface for receiving streams via bluetooth (Bluetooth input playback).
In case you would connect via eth and remove the wireless dongle (which comes with the unit), you could add a suitable bt dongle instead. But I never tested this myself, neither do I know which usb bt dongles are compatible.

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