Khadas with Volumio on PC

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: PC
DAC: Khadas Tone Board

Hi! first time here, not sure if I’m posting this in the right section, but here we go …
I installed Volumio on a pc ( HP Slice i5, 512GB and 16GB Ram ) everything went smoothly, at first I connected it to my Cambridge Audio CXA80 built in DAC via USB and it works just fine as it supposed to, then I decided to connect it to my Khadas Tone Board, at first attempt it worked just fine, but it stops working at random points, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after a few hours, sometimes a simple connect/disconnect will work, sometimes I have to restart Volumio or even turn the PC on and off to make it work, so it is basically useless.
It seems like nobody else have the exact same issue or at least I couldn’t find any similar one, I changed the usb-c cable to a better one but nothing changed, re-installed Volumio, I even tried to use a linear power supply but it didn’t work either, couldn’t figure that out. It also seems very unlikely that the board itself (hardware) is the issue since it is working fine while connecting to a Windows PC.

Anybody experienced anything like this ? any suggestions ?

do you have a vim or generic version? i use it with a rpi 4 with 3.xx

it’s the generic version.
How do you use your Khadas ? via USB to RPI ? any issues ? powered via usb or external ?

with usb c to usb-a cable sounds great. is powered by the rpi.i use a 3amp power supply.

i had the same problems. the khadas connected via raspberry pi 4 usb 3.0 port no sound or bad with usb 2.0 no problem at all. solution for me was to update the khadas firmware and later also replace the usb c cable.

Thanks for your reply, so usb 2.0 and firmware update, thanks :+1:

i have him on usb 3.0 that works to … i started with 1.4 version and updated it to 2.0

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after the firmware update it all works fine no problem now for me, also via usb 3.0.

let us know if the firmware update has any help.

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look here.

Thanks for all the replies, I upgraded the firmware to 2.0, I haven’t tried it yet tho, the family is visiting for the weekend, I also ordered a rpi 4b, will start using that instead of the pc.
I will report back here in a few days :slight_smile: