Just update to Volumio 3.251, on Raspberry, and my ssd disk (ext4) disappeared


after update, Volumio on Raspberry do not see my ssd disk. I’ve verified that all ssd content still exists (I’ve connected the disk to my Mac to see the content).

Any suggestion ?


It is known bug due to wrong mount options - V 3.251 - mounting USB drive problem

Which RPI are you using?
The first thing to check is

lsusb -t

If you do not see your ssd disk, the possibilty is your usb port is not enabled. Then need to add


to /boot/userconfig.txt and reboot and try “sudo mount -a”.

If you see your usb sdd with “lsusb -t” then your problem is what “Marko” mentioned.

If your ssd does not mount still then check with

sudo fdisk -l

and find your ssd drive. If your ssd drive is /dev/sd*
Then make a mount directory somewhere. For example

mkdir /media/MySSD

Then mount your ssd there

sudo mount /dev/sd* /media/MySSD

I have RPI CM4 IO board which disables usb port by default. Someone like me need “dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host” in /boot/config.txt to enable usb ports.
If you save that in /boot/userconfig.txt , then you get better chance to get that preserved.
Also after updating 3.251, my usb ssd does not get automatically mounted for some reason I have not found out yet. I manually mounted it.

I have also updated yesterday.
Same problem…SSD does not work any more.
Even USB stick is not recognized!

It’s a bug which we already fixed in a dev release.
You can try the fix by doing :

  • enable test mode
  • update to latest version
  • once done, disable test mode

Let us know how it goes

Upgrading to dev release 3.252 solves the problem. Thank you.
Great instructions!

OK. Thank you. I will try to do it tomorrow.

I works! Many thanks. If I knew all that yesterday I would save myself 1 year of life :sweat_smile: