Version 3.251: USB DISK problems

Here we are again…

This time with USB HD contents problem.

Version 3.251
Rasp PI4 4GB
Hat dac (PecanPie)

Fresh Volumio installation
USB HD Connected
Seen by volumio (in Library it sees the name of the HD)
But NO content inside… empty from its point of view…

Previous Volumio version 3.233(?)
Same HD mounted with content partially recognized by the Library manager
(see my post: Library Troubles - pls HELP ,)

HD already checked with a different computer: Mounted, with all the files available.

Any help?
It’s me, or a bug?

Yes, it’s a bug in v 3.251, wait for next release or update to latest test version.

Thank you…
I’ll be Waiting for a new update.
Meanwhile I switch back to the previous version…hoping someone will help me with the Library struggle…


Yes, and thanks for the reminder !

there were only corrupted files, as I had already corrected tagging problems.

I used audiotester but I discovered later that I could have done it with my foobar and one click !

No idea about similar software on Mac, but you can mount the disk on any PC.

Enjoy !

Le jeudi 21 avril 2022 14:02:47 (+02:00), Ornito via Volumio a écrit :

April 21

Hi @Sernyl_S7 ,

Thank you for the answer.

Is it this one the post you were referring to?
If yes, the problems you found were related to
A) incomplete tags (no album name or title)
B) Corrupted files (FLAC)
I’m not able to use Audiotester (I’m on Mac osx)…


Oct '21

On my 2 Tb external disk I had previously cleaned all files other than .flac and .jpg without success.
Done many other things found in this forum : no success.
I finally found a solution (for me) : there were corrupted flac files.

*** Running MP3tag, sorting by albums or by files : I discovered files without album or title name… Deleted the ones whose tags could not be edited.
*** More, I ran “Audiotester” ( ): it identified corrupted files with problems and showed the paths : I deleted them (yes, 100 titles, one by one…).
Guess what ? - Ext HDD library in Volumio completed in a few hours.
Hope this helps…
Enjoy !”