Install Volumio on Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra?

As Pro-Ject seems to have forgot all about updating software (a slightly modified Volumio, basically on a Raspberry Pi), and their support only give non-answers, I consider installing a real Volumio instead (one goal is to get Tidal Connect).
Has anyone had success doing this?

Hi Mich,

Unfortunately the vanilla Volumio image will not run on the Streambox. This is because Pro-ject used special hardware for ethernet and WiFi. These drivers are not available.
Just discussed this with development, since the streambox is built arround the rPi CM3, it might work using a supported WiFi dongle.
However no guarantees. So make sure you can recover the original image.

Thank for the reply.
There is a way, that should recover the original image (basically just a simple text file on a USB drive).
I already tried to get it to boot from a USB with a Volumio for rPi - no success.
I’m not quite sure, I dare go any further…
I think, I will make another request for Pro-Ject to get their act together.
I wonder, if one of the reasons they have not made an update supporting Tidal Connect could be some additional license payment for this?
Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra to get this.

Deleted a post about installing a leaked tidal connect version. That’s not accepted here

@volumio could you remove this one as well?
The guy is obviously immune to community hints.

@mich I am afraid you’re out of luck. While it uses a CM3, it has a custom ethernet and wireless implementation, which are not available on standard raspbian and any other distribution…

I somehow managed to get a real answer from Pro-Ject support this time - see below.
Apparently, there are so many peculiar things about the hardware around the CM3, that have given up on implementing Tidal Connect:-(
It seems a little strange to me - I thought the CM3 was an entire computer ‘just’ added network and I/O devices. But I’m not that much into putting drivers into a Linux…
Now, I will ask, if they may make some update, improving the search in the embedded Tidal - it seems to me, that it is better by far on a ‘real’ Volumio system.

As a note, we also have an amp from Electrocompaniet with built-in streamer, that supports Tidal Connect.
Their support has confirmed, that they are working on an update allowing Tidal-Connect to play Hi-Res FLAC.

Probably, I’ll end up using the Pro-Ject to play MQA (as long as Tidal makes it possible), and maybe redbook sometimes.

"Unfortunately, the Stream Box S2 Ultra won’t receive a Tidal Connect update. In fact, we have already tried, and ran into issues during certification.
The hardware being entirely custom made, is and always has been a little bit trickier to work with for the team at Volumio and we weren’t able to get it past all stages of Tidal Connect certification.
Sorry to not have any better news, and let me know if you have any more questions."

At least you got an answer. I am still waiting for questions on (pro-ject s2) MQA, why it only works for 10% and a SW update to turn off the LCD as it burned in…