Arcade buttons; Pi.jpgThe 4 buttons trigger Shutdown, Previous, Play/Pause and Next using the ‘GPIO Buttons’ Plugin.

The Play button lights green to show play status using the ‘Amp Switch’ Plugin
(LED Anode needs constant +3.3v Cathode to GPIO pin, inverted ‘on’)

Previous and next buttons light blue only when pressed.
(LED Anodes are taken high with the GPIO pins - on button presses. Both LED Cathodes connect to Pi Ground).

Arcade buttons come in all shapes and sizes. Here are the triangle ones: … 2cd1507c3b
As supplied they are for 12 volt use, but it’s an easy job to replace their series resistors to give your desired brightness using the Rpi’s 3.3v supply.

(The blue LED in the Pi case goes off when Volumio is shutdown. It’s just connected, via series R to USB 5v supply)

It seems that the triangle buttons (above) are no longer listed.
There are still square and round versions like this: