How to copy music to local internal folder?

I can’t figure out how to simply copy some music to the SD Card to be accessible in the player.

I use newest version freshly flashed to raspberry PI4 using a big 128 GB SD card.

I tried to access the samba network share “internal storage” from ubuntu host, it is available but it says: Total Capacity 273,8 MB. This is not as expected, I was just able to copy a bunch of single files, bad.

I’d like to copy like 100GB, preferable not via network but just mounting the volumio SD card to my ubuntu machine and just copy music to the SD card. So my questions is quite simple:

Which folder on the SD card should be used to copy music to, to be accessible with volumio player?

I searched a lot here and the docs but still can’t find a way to move large music files to the internal storage, without using samba network share. Maybe some can point me in the correct direction …

I think internal data shall go into /volumio_data/dyn/data/INTERNAL

I reflashed the SD Card and resized /volumio_data manually to use all free space before first boot. Now after first boot something like 118 GB is free. I now just copy many audio files into this location…

  1. expanding volumio_data partition to use none partitioned space of SD (before first boot)
  2. and coping audio data directly into /volumio_data/dyn/data/INTERNAL

now when booting up volumio, internal audio data is index- and playable, issue can be closed!

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Hello sebmaka, I have the very same issue that you had, only I don´t know what to do to solve it. So how do I resize /volumio_data? Thanks for helping out.

Please just use /data/INTERNAL or its network share “smb://<volumio’s ip>/Internal Storage” (linux) or “\\volumio’s ip\Internal Storage” (windows)