Copying music to internal storage

Hello @all, i’m new on volumio and i want to install the system on an old lifebook a512 with 512gb. Space enough to store my whole music.
For this purpose i’ve tried to copy some folders from an external ssd to the internal one according to this thread: How to copy music to local internal folder? - #2 by sebmaka . (I also read much about this undertaking in different ways.) Again, i created a folder data/dyn/data/INTERNAL but this effort didn’t work. There was no folder INTERNAL indicated in the music library. Can anyone help me please? - Thank you in advance!

the folder INTERNAL is already there as /data/INTERNAL.
BTW, better never touch system folder data/dyn, this folder is only for system-internal use. It holds critical data and can get corrupted when handled manually.

Thank you @gkkpch ,
i’ve removed the created folder again. But there is no other folder data/INTERNAL within the system. And the data-folder is inside dyn. (I’ve already checked the md5-sum after download).
Any suggestion?

In a fresh install, folder /data/INTERNAL does exist. I have no idea why it disappeared in yours. When it is gone, I advice you to re-install Volumio.
Folder “/data/INTERNAL” can be accessed from Windows, Mac or Linux via an SMB share called “Internal Storage”, You can do that anonymously, no need for a userid or password.

Hi, i made a fresh install but again there is no folder /data/internal. Should it be displayed in Volumio, Musiclibrary after the start of the OS or do I have to execute further commands? (I’m on a Linux-distribution, lmde6). How can I manage it via SMB? - I’m terribly sorry but I think that I do not comprehend the “howto”.with a view of getting access to the folder.

the folder is “/data/INTERNAL”, not “/data/internal”.

To connect from a PC

  • Open the File Explorer to map a network drive.
  • Select the drive letter to use
  • Enter the folder as "\") and then press “Browse” (replace by your Volumio IP address).
    The Volumio share should show up as “Internal Storage” under Volumio’s IP address, select it and press OK.

If this guide is not enough, search the forum, use of “/data/INTERNAL” has been discussed several times.

Thank you very much! To my understanding: Should the folder be displayed after the first systemstart or only after carrying out smb? (In first case i would have to look at the installation occurrence/installer).

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Already present at first boot, no need to touch the installation at any point. Please search the forum and read the documentation.

Okay, thank you, i will do so.

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A few hours ago i started volumio and was very contented (indeed, i was lucky) that all three entries (usb, internal and nas) appeared on the screen. After a reboot they all were gone and none of them was displayed again. After another reboot only usb appeared. It’s an absolutely crazy thing!

I’ve installed volumio on an USB-stick. In the startup-menu at the computer i’ve detected that as startmedium volumio is displayed as volumio, partition 1.
The data-partition ought to be No. 2 if i see this correctly. Do i have to mount it and if yes, how should i perform this? And why did it start correctly yesterday? I’m confused and at a loss.

Post your issue in the dedicated x86-thread, better chance to get help there.