How can I create a backup of the Volumio SD card using Win32DiskImager?

Sorry in advance as this is unrelated to the original subject but nonetheless valuable into:

  • @Wheaten, how are you creating a backup of the Volumio SD card using Win32DiskImager ???
    I too have been using Win32DiskImager but found nothing in either the QS Guide you linked, or in the imager software itself.

I moved your post as it may be valuable to other members.

Hi rwood03,

Normally as start I take a small SD card, 8GB, (to avoid big backup files) and configure/Customize Volumio the way I prefer. (plugins/settings/library scan,…)

  • Insert the SD-card to the PC that has Win32Diskmanager installed
  • Open Win32Diskmanager
  • 1 Select your SD-card (if multiple partitions, select the first)
  • 2 Browse to the folder where you want to save the image
  • 3 Give it a meaningful name and press open
  • 4 Press read (you can opt to check “Read only Allocated Partitions” It will improve the backup speed, not the file size
  • 5 Be patient … (takes about a minute per GB)
  • The backup is finished. Now you can use this image to restore your fully configured installation, when things go sour.
  • You can exit the application.

You can flash this image to any SD card of 8GB or bigger.

Added per @gkkpch response:
Volumio will expand the file system if needed.

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Wheaten - tested above and, it works for me.
Thanks for the info and for taking the time to prepare the step-by-step documentation above, hope others will also be able to benefit from your handy tip !

you’re welcome.

This is very good advice. [regrets impulsive 128GB purchase]. 8GB is my preference.

Could you start with a “base setup” on an 8G, backup, restore that IMG to the 128G, then expand the partition ? Subsequent IMG backups will of course suffer same size issues. Backup plugin required for anything beyond the base setup …

Volumio 3 always checks whether there is freespace and expands until the end of the disk in case there is. So you do not have to expand manually.

Good to know, thanks.

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You can also use pishrink to make any image more handy.