HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro and Volumio 2

Looking for some help enabling the new HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro board on Volumio 2. Apparently this is a new board that requires a different driver. From what I understand it has to be enabled in the kernel before it will work.

Most curious how this board compares to the ALLO – Kali i2s Reclocker??

You can not compare it as the Kali ‘only’ re-clocks the I2S signal.

You need to add either a DAC to the Kali to produce an analog signal for your amplifier or add the Digi+ Pro on top of the Kali to generate an SPDIF signal to feed an external DAC or amp with integrated DAC (most A/V receivers).

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I understand that the Kali is just a re-clocker, but the Digi + Pro also seems to have some new re-clocking features before outputting SPDIF.

Also very interested in this new Digi+ Pro! Anyone have it working? Especially interested in using it with an external DAC via I2S! I have a Kali reclocker on my system now, and it’s sounding great. Would really like to compare the two. Guess I can find out for another 57.90…

go to the settings and in the playback tab ensure “IS2 DAC” is on and save. then choose hifiberry DAC in the “output device” and then in the DAC model there should be a pull down for “hifiberry DAC PRO” choose that and then save. then you should be able to access the “mixer type” settings down the page and choose “hardware”. if you need to adjust the levels you have to ssh into the RPI
ssh volumio@ip adress of the RPI
password is volumio
alsamixer there you get a interface to make your changes of levels etc

hope this helps

Because I have a better external dac available i am about to upgrade my hifiberry standard dac + to an hifiberry digi + pro. Can anyone confirm he got the hifiberry digi + pro working in volumio 2? (despite the “not supported” mentioned in hifiberry-dac-digi-pro-t4744.html ).
Can you use the settings of hifiberry dac PRO mentioned in the last post, or is this only usefull for the DAC + PRO RCA version?

The hifiberry forum doesn’t seem to promissing either: support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/ … Runeaudio-

The hifiberry site indicates that kernel 4.4.19 is required to work with the Digi+ Pro, the kernel shipped with Volumio 2.041 is 4.4.9.

I’ve tried upgrading the kernel using the instructions provided by hifiberry at the following URL;

support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/ … nux-kernel

This required the installation of binutils but otherwise appeared to work with no errors reported. However, the Pi failed to reboot. I tried updating to 4.4.19 and the latest available kernel (4.4.38) without success.

If anyone has got any further or has figured out how to upgrade the kernel I’d be interested to hear. I’m wondering if building with some of the scripts at the volumio github is the way to go?


Volumio boots with an initramfs, which needs to have the same kernel version as the kernel we use.
So, rpi-update will break your installation. That’s why also we can’t change kernel: updater will not work anymore.

We will need however to change the kernel in the near future. So when this will happen, we will release Volumio with hifiberry digi+ support

Thanks for the clarification and I look forward to the upcoming kernel update. Please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything I can do to help with regard to testing.


You need ask develovers, what kernel patch needed for support this board!

I can’t say this. Volumio does not yet officially support the Digi+ Pro. You can try updating the kernel, but I can’t say if it will work. You might have a look at Moode Audio which is similar to Volumio and has the Digi+ Pro driver already included.

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Jan 17, 10:29 CET


I can’t say this. Volumio does not yet officially support the Digi+ Pro. You can try updating the kernel, but I can’t say if it will work. You might have a look at Moode Audio which is similar to Volumio and has the Digi+ Pro driver already included.

Best regards,

My guess is that it’s going to be a matter of time to get the Digi+ Pro supported.

Right now I’m using a Digi+ with a Raspberry B. Assuming the Digi+ Pro gets supported I was considering upgrading to this along a Rpi3. Do you think such upgrade would be worth?

One of the reasons for this upgrade is to be able to attach an external usb powered HDD to the Pi. Right now must of what I throw at the Pi is Tidal HiFi stream via airplay, I don’t see that changing too much.

Is the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro supported din the new Volumio 2.06?
I tested the pre-version of 2.06 and in the scroll down menu the Hifi Berry Digi+ Pro is not listed.
The version works in all other aspect fine.
Not supported? What kernel is the version 2.06 built on? To my understanding minimum kernel 4.4.19 is required to make the Digi+Pro version to work.
I hope a new version of Volumio supporting the Digi+ Pro soon will be released.

Hello everyone,

Any update for the Digi+ Pro and volumio ?
I have tried everything with old and new firmwares…
I could run something through max2play and Logitech Media Player but “only” 44kHz.

Thanks in advance.

We plan to release a new kernel, compatible also with the Hifiberry DIGI + in the near future.
What is preventing us to do it now is:

  • A new kernel might bring some new issues, therefore it needs to be tested a lot before we release it
  • Most important, we’re working on an improvement of our update mechanism. If we update the kernel now, everybody needs to reflash their SD Card with a new version (since the updater cannot update the new kernel). With this new improvement, we will be able to update the kernel without the need for nobody to reflash.
    Hope this clarifies our position…

Hi Michelangelo,

Is it possible to update volume kernel manually with use of e.g.: pacman?

Hi, no , because the system won’t boot unless you rebuild the initramfs with new kernel

Michelangelo can you create experimental volumio build with newest kernel for rpi 3 + hifiberry digi+ pro?

We were already thinking on doing that, probably next week