HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro and Volumio 2

Great! Thanks!
So far I was only able to use Hifiberry Digi+ Pro on runaudio with updated kernel with use of pacman. It worked with local music on USB, but spotify app did not work after upgrade :frowning:.
On newest Libreelec it worked as well, but since it is dedicated for movies it has poor interface for music playback and I do not like it.

I would also be interested in this. I have a digi+ pro sitting idle.

Add me to the list, please. I’m also interested in Volumio being compatible with HIFIBERRY DIGI+ PRO.

I’m also interested in volumio that’s working with de Hifiberry digi+ pro.

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I would also be interested in testing this release. Don’t like moode and would rather switch to volumio :slight_smile:.

Is there a test release available? I would very much appreciate access to it.


Can’t wait to try Volumio with the Digi+ Pro :stuck_out_tongue:

Why specifically for RPI3? Runeaudio for example has released a beta (0.4) which also can be used for RPI2 in combination with the Digi+ Pro…

Thanks man. I did not know such build exits. It actually works!

PiCoreplayer and moodeaudio works also with hifiberry Digi+ pro

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Yeah, but those are logitechsquezzebox based. I do not like complications. I like simplicity. Chromecast audio is of best usability if you are only using spotify or tidal. Wish one day someone will embed chromecast capabilities into his rpi build. In such case you could use native tidal and Spotify apps for navigation.

Is there some progress for this release?

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask Michelangelo when it will be released the version that supports hifiberry digi + pro.
Thank you all for the excellent work.

Hi there !
Same thing on my side.
Any idea for a release date ?

Hi everyone, I saw that version 2.141 was released. Do not understand if the kernel was changed? Does hifiberry digi + pro work with this release? Has anyone ever tried it? I’m trying tonight. Thank you.

please keep us posted about compatibility. i am waiting to order a Digi

The Digi+ works, it’s the Digi+ Pro that doesn’t (yet).

So ‘still’ not in the just released version 2.141??

No it still doesn’t work I have tried it last week.

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I tried the Digi + Pro with version 2.141 and it does not work for me.
I expect a new version with the updated kernel for digi + pro.