Hide hidden files (e.g. ._) from music collection

Hi there,

I’m a relatively new user. Thanks for this great software!

I use Volumio a lot for playing files stored on a USB drive in a Raspberry Pi 4. Almost every track in every folder has a duplicate file starting with “._”. The problem is these files are listed in the browser first and playing an album involves scrolling down the list past these files to the ‘real’ files that Volumio can play.

Can these files be filtered out of the list? Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about.


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No, there’s no way to filter them, we manually add the files to be ignored to MPD.
You’re better off deleting those if you don’t need them (why are they there anyway?)


Seems you have deleted files from the USB thumb via windows?
Please check if there is a recycle bin stored on the USB thumb, if so clear it.
If not, then clean up manually as suggested

I’ve no idea where they came from! The vast majority of my files all come from 2-3 major online download stores.

I don’t think these files have ever been near a Windows machine. Either way, I can probably come up with a terminal script to erase then without having to do it manually.

Maybe this is the culprit, incomplete/failed/interrupted downloads. I do recall similar from the old days with download managers. It downloaded files with random names or pre- post fixes and on completion/validation they where renamed. As in your example they start with a dot, which on a Linux box would be considered as hidden.