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Hi, as soon as I install fusion, booting / shutdown 1min.30sec comes back so that is a bug I think?(Because the mpd version changed?)
WIth 1.0.49 no problems. I forgot that. But maybe you can do something with the log information.


please do not open new topics, add your problem in the thread dedicated to FusionDSP

I moved it now, if you keep doing that they will be just deleted

The problem is probably due to the new MPd version. We investigate…

I ran into a problem with my Hifiberry DAC+ ADC pro today. I am using Volumio 3.611 and FusionDSP 1.0.53. When I play something through the analog input, the sound is very quiet, barely audible. I switched back to fusionDSP 1.0.49, the volume is normal with the older version, but it has stability issues.

Another thing is that after a restart I have to actively move the volume slider, otherwise FusionDSP seems to be inactive and I blow my ears regularly. This has been a problem for several versions now.

I solved all my problems with airplay and convolution filters enabling:
enable_resampling: BalancedAync


what samplerate?
this is available in FusionDsp

No, I rejoiced over victory too early.
I still have problems, some sort of hiccups, especially in the beginning, when the streaming in airplay starts, but also after although much less often. :frowning:

log is here: