FusionDsp : the complete Dsp center for Volumio3!

No offense :wink: I know it takes long time. Be sure we are doing our best (Volumio team and me).
To be short, mpd (use in volumio) in conjunction with CamillaDsp in not stable in certain circumstances (it stops playing or even not play at all). I use a workaround to avoid this. But it introduces dropout in a random way… It seems to be hardware dependent but not only. On my system, sometimes I can play hours of music without dropout. And sometimes it’s just unusable…

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Thank you for all your effort Balbuze.
Two main features are missing in Volumio to get to the level of Roon: a proper DSP and a proper next-best-track function. I am sure that day is near. Keep it up.


It‘s a little bit too quiet here :joy:

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I can assure you that in background something is coming :grinning:


Really encouraging progresses today guys :wink:

We shall all applaude balbuze and Tim for their tenacious work :wink:

Keep going guys!


With the new Beta Software and Fusion DSP put of on, i have no Sound.
But i have no time to test more.
I will try in the evening one more time.

Please, wait some days… A fix for this problem (and other) is coming :wink:


Ah ok,

I feel it will be tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good day,
I have a Volumio 3 on passively cooled x86. Everything works perfectly. The sound seems to be better than on Windows and Daphile. However, I was most interested in the DSP. But there is a problem. The DSP installation is OK, but after activation, Volumio will keep restarting the player. Uninstalling will help, but the system is damaged and unusable. The only solution is to reinstall. Is there a solution? I know the DSP is not officially released and is only in test mode.
Thank you very much for the proposed solutions.

Hi All:

Add me to the list of dropout issues awaiting Volumio update. But I mostly want to let you know what a terrific and promising Beta this is! Love the AutoEQ integration. Once this is stable it’s looking to be amazing!

Thanks for the excellent work!


I never met this behaviour… Can you share log please?
Did you install other plugins/package?

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It’s time to give some news…
We have a working FusionDsp now :sweat_smile: : thanks to the hard work done by Volumio team, and especially @timothyjward who wrote some alsa tools to improve Volumio3 pipeline.
As result expected, no more dropout!
I’m going to update the plugin store soon with FusionDsp v 0.1.30
To use this future version, an update for Volumio => 3.236 (not official) is mandatory. I can’t advice to use non official version… But if your are not afraid by breaking your system by pleasure, just do it :upside_down_face:
Feedback welcome !


How can I found and install 3.236 manually?

Just go IP/dev and enable test mode, then check update

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Just updated the system and the plugin and did a quick test with a few tracks (unfortunatley no time for extensive listening atm): all I can say is that I found not a single dropout. Wohoo! Thank you so much for your work!

Thank you very much for your response.
Now it was necessary to change the version to the new 3.236 because a new version of the DSP has appeared. This is a clean installation without additional plugins.
But the result is the same. I do not know what I am doing wrong.
I will be happy for any advice, thank you all.

Works now no dropouts! Great thanks for your work on FusionDsp. Now Volumio with this plugin is real alternative for Roon!

Listened a little bit more: works like a charm! BIGBIG Thank you!

And one question/feature request: is there a reason why it is only possible to save 3 presets? I have 4 Headphones :wink:

I have 10 headphones. But EQ only the LCD-5. :smiley: the other don’t need EQ. :wink:

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