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Just curious, have you every used a parametric EQ? Once you are used to it, you will probably never want to use a graphic EQ again.

Yeah, sure. Personally, graphic EQ is much more intuitive.

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Thanks! Any chance for extendable up to 30-bands EQ? :blush:

I agree, Parametric EQ is really more precise. You can set precisely frequencies to adjust.
I don’t plan to make a 30 ways graphic Eq.
I can’t tell when I will add Q for graphic Eq as it is a low priority usage, that may be confusing.
I need to think of it. But as I said, it’s on Todo list.

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Have you ever played with an interactive parametric EQ such as Fabfilter Pro-Q 3? This takes parametric EQ to a whole new level and is very intuitive. I believe you can try it for free for a while. You can also use it to create EQ settings which you can export to other parametric EQ tools such as FusionDSP but you need to multiply the Q settings by 0.707 if you want to convert to the standard which most other apps use. https://www.fabfilter.com

Thanks, mate. I’ve tried a lot of parametric EQs.
BTW, ProQ 3 has very weak functionality and transparency compared to Kirchhoff-eq and many others.

a quick question. When using parametric EQ, where do I set preamp value?
Is it the L+R Gain levels?

The preamp attenuation is calculated and set by the plugin. It uses highest positive value set +2 dB. Ex if you have
Peaking 123,3,1.2
Peaking 234,2,6.3
Peaking 456,-3,3.3
Then attenuation is 3+2=5dB
If only negative values, attenuation is -2dB to avoid potential clipping due to phase rotation.
In an other words, you have nothing to do.
Left and right attenuation are here if you want to add a specific attenuation to a channel.

I have a Pi 4b and using USB to my DAC…is there any best practices for suggestions on how to eliminate dropouts or studdering? It seems to work ok for a few mins and the it starts to studder. I have the latest of everything.

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So I can ignore AutoEQ recommendation regarding the preamp values?
In the Headphone specific section, they state which general preamp values to set. In my case, -6.2db.

Nothing to do… This is a bug that should be fixed in a future Volumio and FusionDsp version. :wink:

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Just choose your headphone from the scrolling list, apply, it’s done!

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I hope it will be soon. This is coolest plugin, go Volumio team :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Don’t understand why it takes so long.

I will help you with 3 hypotheses…
1- We like when users are waiting for us
2- Nothing is done
3- We are working hard to fix it, but it is something really not easy
Choose one… :wink: :upside_down_face:


Eug I will choose Blue.

  1. Linear time doesn’t exist, all Volumio releases already exist.

Do you actually realise how much free time this guy (yes, balbuze is an unpaid volunteer) uses to give you a plugin you can use for free? Seems a bunch of ungrateful people we have nowadays.
Really helps motivating us, volunteers (not).


Hey I don’t mean it offensive. I’m also software developer and every time customer ask me why this function takes so long they can’t understand it lol. Relax.
I would help balbuze but my territory is React web development and CRUD services hehe.

In that case I really don’t understand your reaction, your customers are paying you and have an excuse, you don’t!
But, let’s leave it with that, think you got the point…

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