Flash Volumio question

I have a rbpi4 with debian installed. I have programs like REW and MC26 installed. If I flash this SD Card will I loose all that I have in my pi4? Will the Volumio OS include debian OS? I have very limited experience or knowledge of linux but I am intrigued with Volumio and Tidal. Will I need two SD Cards, one for Volumio and another for other programs, having to change between them? Sorry I am an old guy
80 years old…

Volumio has it’s own customized OS. So if you flash the SD all previous will be gone.
So you have 3 options:

  • Burn Volumio to a new SD and swap cards when you need JRiver or Volumio.
  • Install JRiver to a USB thumb. rPi-4 has an option to primary boot from USB. In practice if you connect the USB it will boot from there, when removed it will boot from the SD. So you don’t need to swap SD’s
  • Use an app like bubbleupnp or mconnect and stream Tidal or Qobuz through JRivers audio setup.

A bit off topic.
Combine the best of both worlds.
Volumio beats on performance on the rPi, as it is light weighted and only focus on Audio.
JRiver beats Volumio on functionality like Playlists, Tagging and library management.
If you have a master license, you can install JRiver to an old PC and use it for all additional functionality and even share the library with Volumio. If you don’t have one you can upgrade to MC28 for a very low price till 1st of June. Or if you only have a linux license, you can install JRiver to a Debian distro like Ubuntu and do the same.

I installed volumio to an uSD card on the rbpi. Then I downloaded the Volumio app to my android phone and bingo I was hearing music from my 2 TB SSD or from Tidal. The app even allows you to control the volume, !!! great!!! Very happy with the sound quality.

However, the rbpi4 gave me the following in the monitor/tv:
“Raspian GNLV Linux 8 Volumio tty1”
volumio log in:
I could write my user name and hit enter.
then it would ask for the password but the keyboard was unresponsive, will not write the password. ??
What could be happening, so strange…

if you want the interface off volumio through the tv / monitor install the touch display plugin, at least if you want.
the user name and password for volumio is: volumio.

Nice System :slight_smile: One question pls
Internal display from streamer is conencted via dsi interface or hdmi? If it is hdmi then volumio can be displayed on both hdmi outputs?

The 3.5 inch touch display of the streamer itself goes via gpio pins + touch plug-in required.
and the other raspberry pi 3 (which I use as a server) via HDMI TV.
if you use dsi with the original 7 inch raspberry pi touchscreen then you just need to install the touch plug-in.

I don’t know if the raspberry pi 4 can be used 2x hdmi at the same time.

set-up instructions 3,5 inch gpio display.

Understood, you have 2 rpi, I have thought that the TV and internal display from streamer are connected to same rpi board.

No, I only have one raspberry pi4. The hdmi output of the rbpi is connected to a big 65" 4k SmartTV. So, it serves as a monitor for the raspberry while hearing music.
Why I cannot input the password for volumio is a mystery, I will continue to try to find the cause of this misbehavior.
Since I am using my android phone to control volumio I am ok.
I am so happy to not need to use MC26 anymore(It is so complicated to use).
Volumio just saved me having to buy a $900.00 Intel nuc11i7 to use Audirvana/Tidal (overkill !!!).
Tonight, I will try putting the volumio uSD Card into a USB Card reader/adapter so it will boot with volumio and then when i need ‘REW’ I will just take the USB adapter out and the rbpi will boot from the other uSD Card.

you can log in via comand / cmd. check the link.