Fixing the offical Touchscreen in housing

Hi folks,

I am struggling in fixing the 7" offical touchscreen in a homemade housing.
I ws wondering if there were any set or kits to use with the backside threaded holes ad seen in the pic.

Otherwise, in homemade housing how do you guy fix the screen?



you don’t use a standard case on it?

if your base is solid you could make a |L braket mounted on the base with some holes so you can use
the screw holes on the back of the screen.

What do you mean by standard case?
I couldn’t find any case that fit the requirement of havng the screen + power button.
Smartitpi as for an example doesn’t allow you to have a on/off button.
Most of Pi cases are not with the screen
If you have any links to standard case, I would be interested.

the big smart pi case could handle 2 cards in one body
you have a slim and a big back end if you combine the 2 cards with a 40 pin extention cable your done
or you still want cooling on it you can to :slight_smile: buttons you can place any where with some soldering.

i have the standard screen like you with the standard case
this cooler in the back and a external usb dac that worked for me.

Yes I saw this housing. unfortunately I can’t see any of them in traditional websites. They are all out of stock…
And still, no room for my on/off button
I will continue to look after a suitable housing. thx