File extension for jpg keeps changing from jpg to JPG

Hi anyone know why my cover and folder file extension art keeps changing from lowercase to uppercase eg. jpg to JPG. It appears to be only one new folder and if I rename or copy a new file in it changes jpg to JPG and Volumio won’t recognise the art.

Any ideas?

Volumio 3 Issues?

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should not be a problem… suported files :
[‘coverart.jpg’, ‘albumart.jpg’, ‘coverart.png’, ‘albumart.png’,
‘cover.JPG’, ‘Cover.JPG’, ‘folder.JPG’, ‘Folder.JPG’,
‘cover.PNG’, ‘Cover.PNG’, ‘folder.PNG’, ‘Folder.PNG’,
‘cover.jpg’, ‘Cover.jpg’, ‘folder.jpg’, ‘Folder.jpg’,
‘cover.png’, ‘Cover.png’, ‘folder.png’, ‘Folder.png’];

I think this is related to the source where the cover is taken from.
Since your running on (L)inux (MAC?) based system, the original cover was taken and stored with the old 8.3 file system, which are by default all in uppercase. Original this filesystem didn’t distinguish between upper and lower case in filenames.

try to open the cover with a paint program, delete the cover.jpg from it’s original location, and save the opened one back to it’s location as cover.jpg.

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Hmmm. Not displaying in Volumio though where the others are… I tried rescanning the entire directory and updating album.

Yeah I opened another cover with .jpg in Photoshop, copied and pasted the artwork into it. Saved it to desktop where it read .jpg. Copied onto my usb connected hard drive across the network and it showed as .jpg for one or two seconds before changing to .JPG right in front of my eyes.

I’ve been doing this for about 5 years and never had this problem/seen this.

Have you checked if read access is changed?

Yeah maybe that. Every time I update Volumio I have to pop my drive back into my Mac check settings (but change nothing) and put
It back in RPi. And it seems to fix allowing me to modify disk across network. All very bizarre but I have been doing this for years.