Facebook Content on Volumio

Steps to reproduce:

Access a volumio player.

Expected result:

Volumio interface loads without any external content.


Volumio loads and accesses external content from google, facebook, paddle, …

Here’s a screenshot of NoScript opening on Volumio’s interface.

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.58.38 AM.png

thank you for this hint.
First. I do not want to give any data to facebook.
I also want to be able to decide for myself if and which data is going to someone.

… i think this is done because of the myvolumio login integration.
you know there is also a facebook and a google+ login…
Nevertheless, there should be a way without having to send this data…

There is an issue tracking this = github.com/volumio/Volumio2-UI/issues/310

To give more insights:

  • Paddle: payment provider for myvolumio. Does not collect any data.
  • Firebaseio: login for myvolumio and database. Does not collect any data.
  • Google analytics: collects data only about browser type, kind of device (mobile, desktop etc) using anonimization.
  • Facebook: we need for login into myvolumio and to understand who is subscribed to myvolumio or not.

For GA and facebook is now on our TODO list to offer opt out option. We will be slow on that (due to lack of developers lately) but committed to not disappoint you guys on that.

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Thank you for the insights, mi.
opt out option in future is fine!

Thank you for sharing.