“Facehook” and co

Can the developers be a bit more transparent as to what information gets uploaded for monetization purposes?

For example, is facebook going to learn my musical taste when I listen to a local (NAS) Flac file?

I am running a pi-hole filtering service to try and limit any eccessive privacy sharing but being more up-front would not harm.


er, what? was this documented somewhere?

ok, I did some searching. It’s the old MyVolumio login integration, mentioned here (by me!):

nice to see our posts made the transition.

IIRC there is now was a setting in the WebUI to toggle analytics that defaults to opt-in.
It might be nicer to add an entry to the first start Wizard to make it more discoverable and transparent…

Hi, I saw that it is enabled by default in options…
I have disabled. Thanks for info.