ESS9023 with XO

I have one of these DACs. … 7675.l2557

Cheap and cheerful but would it work via the I2S P5 pins? Anything I should know before I attempt it?

Got it to work. The hifiberry line in /etc/modules did the trick.

Would think that simply adding a 50 MHz XO to the ESS 9023 boards that can accommodate one (like the DIYINHK unit) and putting the hifiberry line into /etc/modules in Volumio 1.1 should do it. My board is a TekDevices ESS9023 with the XO already installed. Unfortunately it does not seem to be available any longer - maybe enough requests might persuade TekDevices to do another run.


This one work, i use this solution too :

Excellent. Is it easy to wire up? Could you post the connections to the Raspberry Pi? How do you power it?

Pretty easy to get it to work :

you just have to follow Tjaekel’s schematic :

Orange : MCLK -> nc (Asynchronous mode)

Yellow : GND -> 7
White : DATA -> 6
Red : LRCK -> 4
Black : BCK -> 3
Power 5V (Red wire) -> 1
Power GND (Black wire) -> nc

Perfect! Thank you!

I have received this DAC today and connected it to my rpi like in the schematic below but sadly: no sound! (volumio 1.2 beta)
Do I have to roll down to an older version or is ther something else I missed?

I 've got this DAC for few days. It works with Volumio beta1.3 (I did no test it with 1.2). Just select Hifiberry driver and software mixer if you want to change volume level and it should be ok!
I also set resampling to 32/96 but I don’t know if it is useful :confused:

Finally got it to work (a wire was loose) :angry:


is this DAC running in asynchronous mode if wired as shown in the picture?
I thought the orange wire for MCLK had to connect somewhere …

Thanks for a hint!

I’m confused by the wire colours now as I haven’t looked at this for a while. But I can say for sure that the MCLK connection is not needed if you have an oscillator installed on the I2S board. And only five wires are connected between the Pi and the I2S DAC as shown in the photo (nc= no connection).

Thanks for answering.
The shown board owns a 50Mhz oscillator - so I think it is a asynchronous DAC. Do you agree?
Is there a way to test it? Would you recommend this DAC?


Yes, I believe it is asynchronous (I’m no electronics expert).

I would recommend it. I went for the ES9023 ( … uct_id=127) as the only real alternative at the time was the Hifiberry whcih became expensive when you added import taxes for the UK and postage.

Mine has the 27Mhz oscillator which only permits a maximum of a 96kHz sample rate, but that’s enough for my needs.

Yes, photo shows the DAC powered by just the +5V (into the + pin of the power jack on the left); he is using the GND pin (7 or 8) on the P5 connector as GND. Works although it looks odd.

And yes, Twerp is correct, it will be asynchronous so long as you have an XO (oscillator) on the board.

The ES9023 is a good choice. All sorts of sellers use it. Make sure the one you get has an XO that can play 24/192.

I have used the ES9023 from 3 different vendors. I liked the DIYINHK implementation - when you order you need to also order their NDK XO and just ask them to solder it in place for you. It’s tiny.

no need to wire MCLK if the dac has is own clock (like this one)


I just wired up an ESS9023 board to RPI B+. This one : … EBIDX%3AIT

powered with a separate PSU to 5V.
The board has 50MHz clock.

With 44k sample rate it works fine. LRCK is 44kHz.
With 96k sample rate music, the played music is distorted. LRCK is 96k, but the output is bad. It sounds like it plays small sections of the music and jumps. Like when you push fast forward :frowning:

This is with hifiberry I2S setting. Other does not seem to work at all.

Do you have any idea?

The counter also does not work. The green circle goes around, but the counter stays 0.



I have just realized there is a 1.41 version. Downloaded, loaded to the card and it works. With same wiring and settings. Before I used the 1.4 with update.

(Also, it seems the counting issue is safari related. It works with firefox.)


I’m going to buy this for my B+ … OC:US:1123

I think it’s the same bought by Giordano?

Thank you

Hifidiyme now do a Pi-specific ESS9023 which will fit direct to a Model B (not B+) board which has the 8-pin header.

As supplied, the black spacers on the supplied 8-way connector block only allow the pins to get through to flush with the PCB at both ends. If I was doing this again, I’d push the spacers down a couple of mm to allow the pins to protrude slightly for easier soldering.

Maybe of interest AliExpress have the B+ ones for sale at less than a tenner 10 UKP’s including shipping.

The only downside is that they can take between 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.