Easy upgrade Volumio with Backup

i have checked this one, and i installed a brand new image today

Hi, i am searching for a way to backup the settings. I am running Volumio on a pi with sd card and i have experianced in the past some sd cards will not live for long. To keep the settings in a safe location i want to make a backup of the whole configuration but, in the latest version the backup and restore plugin is no longer there. It seems not all the settings are saved in the my volumio account. or i am dooing something wrong.

What would be a good approach to save the settings and or restore them if i create a new sd card image?


There’s a plugin to do that!
Search the store. Maybe you have to enable plugin test mode :
Go in (IP/dev)
And you should be able to install it :wink:

if you want you could even create a full backup image with win32diskimager
for your upgrade to a other version or/and after if all went well and you want to make a new one.

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I would suggest against telling people enabling test mode, unless they are experts and willing to test “untested” plugins and prepared for the consequences


use the option as stated by @dvo.
Create a full backup of the SD with Win32diskimager. If things go wrong, you’re up and running within 15 minutes with all your settings.

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if you want to upgrade your os like i want dit method does not work. And or of a new sd image is released neither. In fact the old backup.plugin did work quite well.

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You need to be clear on what your questions is, as with your latest reply I am confused.
If you update between version, a backup is not needed. (like V3.3.10 to V3.396). You can do this without loosing data.
If you upgrade, a backup will not work (like V2.917 to V3.396). The SD will be fully wiped. Restoring a V2 backup to V3 will damage volumio.

I understand, i am using Volumio quite long, and i have been away from Volumio a while and now restarted to use it again.


  1. I have a pi and i want to install clean Volumio
  2. I have a pi and running volumio
  3. I have a pi and i want to manage my Raspbian versions.
  4. I want to build, run and maintain my Volumio on my pi

a) In all situations i want to be able when the systems crashes all data will be maintained, like configurations, favorites and so on, minimaal effort to get it up and running.

1a> make imge backup
2a > image backup
3a > i need an config to be saved somewhere to be able to do os upgrades and sometime when you do an in place upgrade of the os, the Volumio app will be broken due dependency.s > could be solved to wait for new os on the sd image i know
4a > in the past i was able to build from scratch, and manage the whole on my own, right os, right version releases of all components, and releations between them, then you also need a good backup of the configurations.

Esspecial when you do an os upgrade you want to keep all configurations, and beeing able to reload all settings within the new version with the new os and components underneath.


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