DSD Files not showing up in Media Servers (Denafrips Ares 12th DAC)

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I just purchases a Denafrips Ares 12th DAC and while it has native DSD support, Volumio will not recognize DSD files on my media server to play them. They don’t even show up when I browse the folders. To test my theory, I uploaded an Excel file into a music folder and it didn’t show up in the files list when I browsed to it. I assume that this must be a DAC compatibility issue? I know others have had similar issues with Denafrips DACs as well, so I am hoping it is just a matter of updating the Kernel to identify the Ares 12th as being DSD Direct compatible.

I am running an Allo USBridge Signature as my streamer.

Thanks in advance.

This is unrelated to your DAC, which Volumio version is this?
Whether the DSD direct is supported is another issue, that can also be checked when you send us more information.
Please start with sending a log file
It will help to determine the next step(s).

I believe I have made some progress.

I am still unable to even see DSD files when using the Media Server file browser function, however, I am able to see and play DSD files when using the Music Library function. I am not sure why there would be a difference, but it works fine now that I started using Music Library over the Media Server function.

How did you get Volumio to recognize the DAC in the first place. Did you connect it via USB or HDMI I2S?

I am using USB right now, hoping to get a streamer that does I2S… or an Iris to feed I2S to the DAC.