DSD files are played in PCM -or- The opposite behavior of the DSD settings

Selecting “DSD Direct” is showing as PCM on DAC and consequently isn’t played with “unsupported” message and vice versa - selecting “DoP” actually displayed on DAC properly as DSD and played successfully. I’ve read “Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions” and it is told there that it is fixed in 3.179 but I have latest 3.611 and overturned behavior is still in place. Please bring it again to attention of whoever can fix it. Setup is - Volumio OS on RPi 4B + Denon PMA-1700NE amp’s DAC via USB.

if your DAC is not recognized as “DSD-direct capable”, selecting DSD direct the conversion to PCM will be applied

please post s system log, so I can check if the USB ID of your DAC is supposed to work in DSD direct mode with the current linux kernel

anyhow, if you get DSD showing up with DoP, your problem is solved, you won’t find any difference if DSD Direct will be working.

DoP meand DSD over PCM, it’s still DSD

Yes, I understand all that and the problem is no more than overturned functionality or messed up setting menu or whatever - once more, when I select DSD Direct in Volumio settings I see PCM on amp’s screen, but when I choose DoP in Volumio I see DSD on amp so I believe it just must be swapped in places in Volumio’s dropdown menu and that’s it. Do you still need my log? If yes, pls, provide exact command so I’d be able to give you exactly what you’re asking for.

Btw, full message I see on amp about PCM is “DSD PCM Unsupported” and nothing is being played out, so I believe that DSD Direct is the only and exactly what my amp supports, but not actual DoP.

here the instructions for sending the log

I confirm there is no problem in the dropdown selection, it is something related to your DAC regarding the DSD capabilities with Linux kernel

Wow! That’s an interesting page /dev, thank you. Log has been generated and submitted, here is the link - http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/M9uN4JX.html.

According to the log, your Denon PMA-1700NE DAC has vendor-id and product-id 154e:100e.
The only registered Denon/Marantz products are Denon DCD-1500RE, Denon DA-300USB, Marantz HD-DAC1, Marantz SA-14S1, Marantz SA-KI RUBY / SA-12 and Denon DN-X1600
Hence the driver does not recognize it and fails to report DSD-direct capability.

And? Registered where and by whom? And how to make 1700 registered?

the linux kernel does not recognize your DAC as DSD-capable, because the product ID 154e:100e is not part of the list of DSD-Capable DACs within the source code.

the producer/vendor of your device should take care of submitting the new ID to be included in the Linux kernel source code

We can add it to the list for x86, Rivo, Integro and Primov2 devices, because we are forced to compile the kernel for these devices ourselves.
Not for the RPi, because this kernel can be taken directly from the Raspberry Foundation.
Should you consider switching devices, let us know.

if you have playback working fine and DSD shown on your DAC selecting DoP, you can leave like this… unfortunately nothing can be done from our side to make your DAC working in DSD Direct mode, the manufacturer should take care of supporting this mode under Linux, creating a pull-request to the Linux kernel

Ok, there is no problem at all on my side if Volumio itself really works as expected. I just thought and wanted to bring your attention to that the bug that had place time ago and was promised to be fixed already is still probably actual. If the issue is much deeper and is not on Volumio’s but on thirdparty’s side - I’m more than ok with that.
Meanwhile, I am lazily thinking to move from RPi with Volumio OS to Volumio appliance, most probably Rivo (btw, my congrats to Volumio team with EISA award!). Am I right thinking that it will work with my amp/DAC not causing any issues with compatibility like described above with RPi?

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With Rivo, if DSD Direct does not work, we can make it working adding the ID to our custom kernel

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I am another Primo owner with a Yamaha R-N1000A that displays file resolution while playing through USB. With the Primo set to DSD Direct it still comes through as PCM. DSD64 comes from the Primo as PCM 384

could you please provide a system log?

Log has now been sent. Thanks

please post the link of the generated log here

I have the same problem with a Rivo and a Teac UD 501 supported DAC.
The issue is simply that there is an inversion in the drop down list of the settings as explained by the OP.
This is very disturbing, essentially when configuring a just purchased Rivo.
Please inform, the necessary developper(s) of the issue. This has nothing to do with the DAC being supported or not. It’s just a bug to be corrected.

Btw, thanks TulipB to bring this up. I was strugling with the issue and waiting for support.

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please send a system log, I can assure you that the selection on the mode is correct, and most probably your DAC is not recognized as DSD-capable by the OS

NP. Thanks for supporting me :slight_smile: