DIY Streamer with HiFiBerry DAC2 HD and 11.9" Display

Oh! I understand

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Hi, virtual keyboard also added?

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Unfortunately not.
With the current browser kiosk, the virtual keyboard won’t work. they haven’t found an alternative for it yet.
You can opt for a air mouse with keyboard, like:

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Not now!
I dosen’t work

mchief: this is fantastic! Well done.

I have been working on building something similar - but instead of the DAC, I’m using a HifiBerry Amp2 for an all-in-one-box for a small room in our house.

I think I get most of your setup, but when I look at the schematic for the pcb on the screen, the power seems to come in from the top, but you have it mounted in the case in a way I can’t see how you get power to the screen.

Many thanks.

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the screen is powered via USB. It is connected to the USB of the Pi. The Pi itself is powered by USB-C.
Best regards

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How did you get a brushed black finish on your project? I just ordered from them and mine arrived silver edges with a smooth mat black finish on the front and rear

You can select the material at! Also brushed black! You have to choose the corners especially for editing!

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I used their panel design application. I didn’t see the option for brushing. Did you special request it?

I sent my own front panel to Schaeffer and had it processed!

The front comes from this housing


ah that is in important step since they do not do their own anodizing or brushing

can i ask how you adapted now playing to the 11.9 screen? did not find the solution to do so

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I installed it and it fit automatically

Did you add the display in the config.txt?

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yes I added waveshare instructions on config.txt, but the plugin does not detect the resolution Of 11.9

Have you activate the Kiosk Mode in the plugin?

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Have you install the Touch-Display plugin?


Hi mchief,

This is an amazing set up, and exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I have been using Raspberry Pi 4 with Volumio and Khadas Tone Board DAC. I was hoping if it’d be possible for you to share a more comprehensive list / link of all the components you used to create something similar including the design file for the front panel?

Also, have you also played with Peppymeter yet? wonder what your setup would look like with those VU meters :smiley:

I would love to put together something similar and appreciate your help.


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Is there enough power for the RPi and the Screen?
Or do you get the green lightning bolt in the corner of the screen?