Display of track name and album art

I’m new to Volumio. It loaded up easily on several Raspberry Pi’s, an original, a model B+ V1.2, and a model 3B+. I can coneniently stream from USB, wi-fi, or from my main PC.

However, I can’t seem to get the display, whether on my “smart” phone or on my main pc, to cooperate when streaming music files from my PC (Ryzen 7/16GB/1TB running W10). There is no problem with a USB stick playing what I believe to be the same file copied from my PC. From USB, the track name and album art are displayed correctly. However, when I stream the same file from the PC (“Media File”), the track name is a long line of gibberish, and in place of the album art, there’s a VLC icon. (At one time, I would use VLC for local playback on the PC.)

I did find that each track name is prepended with a number for the track number. If I edit this out, the track name now displays correctly. However, the tracks are now reordered alphabetically! So when I play back an album, the tracks are all out of the order I expect.

As for album art, I believe (?) it’s embedded. When I edit the ID-tag to add the album art, whether it’s called cover. jpg or folder.jpg and whatever the size, there is no change. And if I reassign the default app in Windows to, say, foobar, the file-type icon changes in my Windows file manager, but not when I select that file from the Volumio app. And this is after resetting, restarting, rescanning, etc.

I suspect that Windows is getting in the way, as the music files are indexed in several places on my HDD’s. Multiple instances of my “music” folders show up in the Music Servers list.

One other thing I found kind of interesting is that if I show my album list in the matrix view, many of the albums are shown as the album cover art. However, if I select one of these albums, it reverts to the VLC icon for art and gibberish for the track name.

Most of my albums were originally ripped to flac using EAC. I tried ripping some other albums yesterday with dbaudioamp, but they appear to behave the same, although the track name appears correctly, albeit that they’re listed in alphabetical order.

I’m stumped. I feel I’m missing something fundamental, but I can’t find any guides on the proper organization of my music files. Any help out there? TIA.

One other piece of information:

When I start up a track, it displays the previously-described gibberish in the track title. However, if I stop play and then start again, the track title displays correctly!

I’m mystified. Well, more than usual…

And one more bit of data:

If I stop then start, the track title displays, as previously stated. And the track title is properly displayed for every track thereafter. So it’s something about the first access of the album?

Hi @jlevro, I have th esame issue on volumio primo, I get gibberish, and thansk to you I can stop start and get the title…did you ever get this fixed?

Hi, rickerr63. It seems to be working correctly now, but I do have to click a couple of times for it to display the album art correctly. The gibberish does seem to be gone, though.

I am still seeing this issue using Volumio 3.224 on an Odroid N2

I am still seeing this issue on RP4 and Odroid N2. I am wondering whether I am the only one.
This is what the screen looks like when I play a DSF file:

After I click pause and play, the title text goes back to normal: