Currently playing track often not updated

I’ve been using Volumio with a RaspberryPi 4 Model B for five or six months.

I primarily stream via a linked Qobuz account.

I’ve noticed the name of the currently playing track often gets stuck once the track has ended and a new one has started. This usually happens on the first couple of tracks to be played from an album.

For example, I’ll start an album, once track 1 has ended, track 2 starts but Volumio (via web browser, android app or ios app) still shows the track 1 name. Generally, when track 3 starts, it sorts itself out for the remainder of the album.

This is particularly frustrating as I like to ‘scrobble’ all my listens to, and have ended up with a lot of double/missing scrobbles as a result.

Any ideas if this is a bug? I’ve searched and can see this might have been an issue a few years ago, but was fixed.

Log here:
This should demonstrate exactly what I describe. Started an album, first track played to completion. Second track played but retained the name of first track. It then sorted itself out for the third track.

Many thanks in advance.

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I notice the same behaviour quite often with the native ui and app. If I look at the ‘‘third party’’ app Volumio Control it displays the right information

Volumio Control see:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just tried Volumio Control and it does exactly the same thing. The second track played still shows the name of the first track. Maybe it’s a Qobuz thing.

that is what I was expecting. Both apps follow the web UI information from Volumio.

Any suggestion on this?

I suspect this to be the same issue raised a while ago regarding the YT Music plugin. I tracked this down to a bug in Volumio’s “statemachine” that affects plugins that prefetch tracks and call setConsumeUpdateService('mpd', true) – which seems to be what Qobuz is doing.

If it’s of any help, here’s the description of the bug and workaround I implemented in the YT Music plugin:


@volumio please see the above post from @patrickkfkan

I hang on here. I have the same issue when playing from Tidal.
Started with the update to system version
I use the access via webbrowser, manifest UI.
Not happen when playing from NAS.
Assumed all this months, that this must an issue for me alone, must be seen by others as well. Thank you for bringing in the issue here.