Control through UART

Hi All!

I have the NanoPi NEO Plus2 Allwinner H5,Quad-core 64-bit high-performance Cortex A53

My custom board include this ARM core and STM32 MCU, i use UART port for control the board (linux console)…

How i can use all functions of volumio without TCP\IP sockets, locally through UART?

Did you find a solution to control it via uart?


Ps What are the small boards near the RCA connectors ?

I believe you need for example python script running on the device with volumio, which translates the commands sent to it’s uart in commands you can control the volumio/mpd.

So basically, design some control protocol over uart which your stm and volumio understands, then in volumio end translate to calls which volumio does understand.

I came across this thanks to @2n2222 other post at Help to install volumio-uart-metadata

@2n2222 If you still don’t have a MCU yet, check out WiFi remote for Volumio based on ESP32 and OLED for an idea that skips the UART, but still gives you a button interface for an MCU…

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I want to control the Volumio, from my home automation system. This one “speak” RS232.

@INSERT And I’m still interested to know what are the small boards near the RCA connectors ?

No idea how to add input part to received commands from serial line ?