Help to install volumio-uart-metadata


Volumio is workin well and need to add this plugin:

But newbie about Raspberry I haven’t found how to do that. I’m using a MAC computer

  1. Copy script to usr/local/bin/. Where is this path ? On my Mac ?

Should I run all below commands from the Mac Terminal ?

  1. Set permisions of script to be executed $chmod 755

  2. Disable kernel output to ttyAMA0 $sudo systemctl mask serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service

  3. Disable shell output to ttyAMA0 in /boot/cmndline.txt delete line “console=serial0,115200”

  4. Disable Bluetooth use of ttyAMA0 in /boot/config.txt add line “dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt” add line “enable_uart=1”

  5. Set script to execute at startup in rc.local $sudo nano /etc/rc.local add line “/usr/local/bin/ &”

  6. $reboot

Sorry for those basic question but I wouldn’t do a big mistake !


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Those commands are meant to run on the device you want to connect the UART to. So should be on the Volumio device (Pi in your case)

That’s exactly what I want !

I downloaded the .zip. Unzipped. But how to copy those file from my computer to the Pi ?

A prerequisite is also noticed

Should I do something ?


I don’t mean to sound rude, but you might want to orient yourself with the software side of things a bit more before jumping into the deep end… From you nick name, I’m guessing you got the hardware side figured out just fine :wink:

Running commands in terminals without insight into what they do can lead to quite unexpected results…
The project you are trying to install on the Pi isn’t going to provide you UART control of the pi, but seems to be for a MCU based display system, as it’s only one direction (Pi → MCU).

If you still want to install it, clone the repo directly onto your pi, would be faster and easier than transferring the zip you have downloaded. You can access the Pi’s terminal either by directly connection a monitor and keyboard to it, or via ssh.

Thanks ashthespy,

I’m not so old as the 2N2222 !!!:scream::joy::joy: and just starting about Pi. I’m ok with Atmel uC and C language!

I need both !!! My system need to read all metadata (Tx from Pi) and must control the Volumio (Rx from Pi). The first part (I founded) is the file on the top of this topic.

That’s all for the moment !! :wink:

If you are from the C and uC world, then this should be an easy script for you. Bash/Node/Pyhton would be what I would use here - you just need to fwd from uart to the Rest API…

Good luck on your quest :slight_smile:

hi friends, how access volumio image as super user? I can’t copy file in directory

sudo su untill you done then type exit
or add sudo per instruction

it works… thanks