Connecting the screen via hdmi in volumio

Hello, I have been using Volumio for some time and I have a question: is it possible to connect, for example, a TV via HDMI so that the music being played is visible, etc.? I couldn’t find a guide anywhere for doing this using hdmi. I have a Raspberry 3B and a cheap sound card from aliexpress.

Can you help me?

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Of course it works. Install the touch display plugin.

All further information here…

Thanks, I’ll check it tomorrow because I won’t be able to do it today.

You’re welcome…

Don’t be surprised that I used the link for Peppymeter, but in my opinion this is the page with the most comprehensive information on how to use the HDMI monitor.

Otherwise, take a look here, it will help with the basic setup of a monitor under Linux…

For this you have to deal with SSH…

I’m sorry that I’m writing after such a long time, but I didn’t have much time to work with the raspberry. Unfortunately, these guides didn’t tell me anything, either I don’t know enough to understand it or I’m too stupid for it.

Connect your HDMI off the Raspberry Pi 3B to the HDMI input of your TV.
Turn on your Raspberry Pi and go to settings (three lines at the top left), then plugins/user interface and install the touch plugin at the botton.

Once downloaded and ready, enable the touch plugin.

for configuration go to installed plugins/touch plugin.

I did it but it doesn’t work.

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can you be a little more specific?
what doesn’t work, is the plugin not downloaded and installed properly or does it give an error, you can’t turn it on, you don’t see the Volumio login screen when it’s connected via HDMI to your TV.
Did you reboot after the plugin was enabled?.

in other words, what is going wrong?

this is what my error looks like.

are you sure your internet connection is okay? otherwise download it again, but first click on details and choose a previous version.

Internet connection is good, i will try.

Is it enough to just install this plugin or are there other things to set?

If the touch plugin is installed, you can adjust the setting in installed plugins/touch plugin and click on setting and you will see what you can set.

dit it worked?

Sorry, i haven’t had time to check it yet, I’ll write it as soon as I have time.