Certificate expired

Hi Volumio webmaster,

Are you aware that your certificate is expired?

Would you like to give some details please? What certificate, and what were you doing when you realised that “your certificate is expired?”?

Obviously they don’t. They are busy with commercializing the project and bugfixing V3…

What is the purpose of this message? :thinking:

Sorry for being OT, but the expired website certificate is exemplary for what happend to Volumio.

The purpose is to point out the lack of diligence. V3 is a desaster! Volumio is benefitting vastly from the work of the many volunteers providing plugins, using free base SW etc.

As you deceided to commercialize it, there’s a higher resposibility for the product.

But obviously criticism isn’t welcome.

You block my account,if you can’t stand it…

Please elaborate, V3 is still as free as V2 was?

Where do you see certificate expiration?

We simply asked to be more specific in your report, since it was not clear to what you were referring to.

I have now figured out that the certificate you mention is for volumio.org (the old domain) which redirects to volumio.com . I am updating as we speak, so thanks for your report. The next time, the more info you are able to provide, the better you will help us.

Criticism is always welcome, even if we don’t like it.
We however ask to be objective and constructive with criticism.

Yes, the are criticalities in V3 release. Yes, we are working on them.
Is it due to MyVolumio? I believe no: thanks to this we have more resources than ever to advance this platform and we brought several benefits for everyone thanks to this.

Could have we done it better? Release with less bugs?
Probably yes, but we did our best also thanks to the 3 months beta testing phase and all that contributed to it.

Are we going full commercial?
No. All we do is trying to make Volumio better, by leveraging a model that allows us to have more resources and bigger goals. This for us means an open source base, free for tinkerers, that we support and nurture with an organization fueled by some extra features. Our goal is to make everyone listen to music with Volumio, independently by their skills.


Which precedes the hyperbole.

Thousands of happy listeners would disagree.


@volumio The certificate of repo.volumio.org also has expired.

repo.volumio.org still serves an expired certificate, which silently breaks the installation of the Spotify plugin.

I shall admit that’s embarassing on our side…

Thanks for reporting this guys. It has been fixed.

Also, we’ve added those endpoints to automatic checks to avoid this happening in the future.