Can not use the CUE files

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Hello, volumio friends

Sorry, my English is not good.

My volumio (3.661) does not recognize CUE files

My music is stored in NAS . about 8T (WAV +CUE, FLAC+CUE)

My volumio can scan these WAV FLAC APE.
But unable to use the CUE files to select tracks

I use foobar to play these CUE, it work!

Can you help me solve it?

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no longer cue support :sleepy:

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thank you ,
it is bad news ,
maby i should use back old version .
my old version volumio can not scan NAS complete. it often crash when the NAS has too much files.

mpd is very critical when it comes to cue files. If whatever is misaligned it causes crashes. Even with tinkering on the older version of mpd the issue persisted. Hence the decision to stop supporting it. It not caused by Volumio but MPD.

Hope there is an option to let user to choose enable or disable cue function, the risk of crash by user choose to take. or there is a tool to check and fix the cue file format before create database to avoid crash.

Ingenious! For so many years, they practically ignored the problem, and then simply turned off one of the most necessary functions of the system, instead of solving the problem. For some reason, the cheapest players can play these files, almost at the hardware level, but here, who knows how many years they have been writing a program, and now they are asking money for it, but there are fewer and fewer working functions. Maybe spend less time on all sorts of beautiful additions, and instead work on the necessary functions with high quality?

@Topa31, Did you even read my posting?

Yes. I read that it’s not you, it’s the MPD. But I didn’t find any mention of disabling this function on the MPD project page. Am I looking in the wrong place? May be…