Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a quality dac that can improve the performance of my current setup.

right now my setup is made up of raspberry pi 3 b + and hifiberry dac + pro.

can you recommend another quality dac?
what are the best according to you?

Cheers, Isaac

What did you ultimately choose? I never got the Hifiberry Dac+pro to work with my rpi 3 B+ so am returning it.

My experience, when You really want to improve sound is PSU - sure has to be linear. My system consists of RPI 3 powered by linear PSU 5,15V 3,5A, Allo Isolator (! “Game Changer” - it’s true), Kali, Piano 2.1 powered by another linear PSU with Allo CM - output 5,1 V , 3,5A. Each PSU has his own toroidal transformer 9,4V/50W. When I changed powering the system from standard PSU (impulse PSU) to two linear PSU - that was Really BIG WOW! :smiley:

I am choosing between:
Mamboberry HD DAC+ IDT
vs Allo BOSS 1.2
vs AudioPhonics ES9038
vs AudioPhonics I-SABRE V4 ES9023

I heard AP have some issues and Mambo is better than Boss in blind tests. What you think?

I have Allo Boss DAC and love it, haven’t heard Mamboberry but I’m sure unless you have golden ears and high spec equipment then you enter be dissaponted with either.

You can wait for Allo Katana, if price and space (3 boards on raspberry pi) is acceptable for you. This is probably best I2S DAC for raspberry pi.

I own Audiophonics 9038q2m, I think it’s very good DAC. It has

  • one of the best chips ES9098q2m
  • output stage is from operation amplifiers whitch are powered ± DC
  • good LDO for cleaning power

I totally agree, but if you have the money, the Katana can be a game changer.

I agree that linear PSUs make a differences in many setups and Katana’s specs looks great… With Volumio v. 2.413, my Terra-Berry DAC2 (purchased from the Volumio Shop) works well again for me with RPi 3 B+ and both DSD and PCM files. With the proper jumper settings, my PCM files are also converted to DSD on the fly – the main reason I chose Terra as a source to feed my tube amp. PSU for the DAC is also possible with proper jumper settings as well. The process to add PSU for Terra is not as engaging as required by Hifiberry DAC+ Pro (no soldering is needed).

I am contemplating to upgrade from a 3B to 3B+ for my balanced XLR version to my dedicated headphone amp, then XLR to balanced headphones. For my ears, a linear PSU is not necessary for this set up. I had planned to but decided not to have it after hearing the result. Just wondered if someone can share experiences for Hifiberry DAC+ Pro on RPi 3 B+? Something went wrong?



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I’ve had a HFB DAC+ Pro on a RPi2, then 3, then 3+ (other projects used the old RPis and gave an excuse to upgrade). Same DAC+ Pro all through, running new versions of Volumio as it goes and with the added +5v conversion on the HFB analog stage. Still plays well, still “just works”, although when I’ve had problems of any sort with the RPi, it’s been down to the SD card going bad.


Orchardaudio, do you think about be part in a comparison between RPI DACs in a thread VOLUMIO SOUNDCHECK INVITATION FOR HAMBURG, GERMANY (volumio-soundcheck-invitation-for-hamburg-germany-t5918.html)?

I posted a message in your other thread.

Wow, thanks :slight_smile:. Next comparison will be very interesting.

Thanks xlisec for your interest in the soundcheck!
i’m preparing the next one. it will be soon in one of the next weeks - and i’m curious about that board :wink:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Review and Measurements of Allo Katana and ApplePi Raspberry Pi DACs … dacs.4164/

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I bought the Lusya/Sodial ES9038Q2M DAC hat. The sound quality is incredible, it has one of the best highly rated chips, its available with an optional mini lcd display, rotary volume and remote control. It’s very similar to the Audiophonics. Best part is it only costs around £40 available on ebay Amazon and lots of other places.
Good luck

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question is not which dac is the best for raspberry and volumio. Question is your goal for quality. I’m using a musicalfidelity v-dac. A few weeks ago i got an new PSU for it and it sounds really better! My raspberry is also powered by a better PSU. Look for: ifipower
Getting better sound by using a new PSU was first.
Second would be trying a MODI 3- or MODi Multibit- DAC by schiit-audio.

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