BeagleBone+Botic (Miero) Update new VOLUMIO

yes, it is a pain at the moment, stretch does not work either and also quits while building our initramfs.
As soon as I have time I will look into this, it has something to do with drilling down a folder which fails on unbuntu and stretch.
I could try a build here and give you the link to the image. Would you be able to test?

@gkkpch - I was able to get a working image using Debian Jessie. Took me a bit to get my Synology configured to mount my NAS music drive, but in the end I got that all sorted.

The only thing that I think is not working properly with the image is that the SSH service is not starting at boot, which seems a bit strange. I’m able to get it working when connected via serial and with “screen” from a terminal in OS X.

volumio@volumio:~$ sudo service ssh status
● ssh.service - OpenBSD Secure Shell server
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ssh.service; disabled)
   Active: inactive (dead)

When I type in:

sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart

Would love to know why it’s not starting by default.

Not sure why the service is not enabled by default, but this fixed it for me:

sudo systemctl enable ssh.service

SSH has been set to disabled as the default quite a while ago.
To enable it you need to go to the volumio.local/dev page and switch the setting.

Got it. I suppose I was using an earlier version that wasn’t set up this way. Good to know for the future.

Would you so kind as to upload your image to test it?

Sure. I’m not sure where you want me to upload it to though. Is there a location you have in mind?

See as example of Cloud Storage:
Maybe Gkkpch (Moderator) can give you optimal link.

Ok… signed up for a Mega account. Since it’s free don’t know how much DL bandwidth they’ll give me… Here’s my build. Test away and let the thread know of issues…!fGhAFbrR!z9poCfZBDUcf … g-5EOV5iJU

many thanks. the sample is booted.
but the problem with expanding the folder on samba
on the website volumny a lot of information that in version 2 there are many problems with the cifs

I wanted to register the share manually in fstab?
but the file does not save. no access rooted. (volumio / volumio)

P.S. early versions of volumio and botic (miero) work fine

I ask help
Thank you

Thank you Mullet for Beaglebone Black Volumio Image! You are real DiyAudio Member!!!

Thanks Mullet

I’m also very happy with your version Mullet!! Thanks a lot.

Are you planing to go for the new MyVolumio ?! Tidal and Qubozz integration is just necessary for lossless audio.

Are there any plans for anyone to update to a newer build? I haven’t been messing with my BBB in a while and want to get back in the game and don’t know where to start, so I figured there might be some other adventurous people out there wanting to do a newer build.

Ok I built a Debian Jessie VM to do a new build of Volumio… a few things… I don’t see anything with MyVolumio in this build. How do I know I have the most current build then? Other than that it appears Volumio works. I haven’t tested the Botic driver yet because I don’t have an i2s DAC ready to go yet.

I will have to figure out a new site to post this to. I don’t have a Mega account anymore. Any ideas?

OK I added it to dropbox… enjoy! … mg.xz?dl=0

Hi @mullet,
local builds can’t have myVolumio integrated.
The image has to be built on the Volumio server because of several reasons (think of security/ licensing keys and more…)
This means, the build files have to be adapted a little (just for a few extra scripts to run).
Make sure the latest versions are on the Volumio build repo and we can change and run the build for you.
Just give Michelangelo or me a buzz

Ok. So to clarify I just followed the directions from here:

All the heavy lifting was already done. I didn’t add any new code. I’m not sure what you guys would have to do on your end to add in MyVolumio.


Hi Mullet,
we would have needed a PR for your changes, but you’re saying there weren’t any.
In that case, I will make a few modifications to the current and and use the new versions to build on the Volumio server.
The changes will not affect any future local builds.
I’ll put it on my TODO list, please just remind me if you think I forgot :wink:

Excuse me for my thickheadedness…

Does this mean that this is a one time only build? And that let’s say someone comes along and does the same community build from GitHub, MyVolumio won’t be included?

Thanks for your clarification.