BBC HLS and DASH streams to be authorised use only

It seems that the ability to use all the BBC’s HLS and Dash streams is going to stop unless third parties like Volumio get authorisation from the BBC . They are going to become ‘protected streams’ that cannot be used without prior authorisation from the BBC.

I use minimstreamer as well as Volumio which is also going to be affected.

I don’t know if Volumio are aware of this and are talking to the BBC but having read the links on the website it doesn’t look hopeful at all that authorisation would be given.

c) Directories and software solutions that enable individual users to directly access streams to add their connected devices will not be supported. This is for a range of reasons related to the BBC’s obligations under the BBC Distribution Policy, including ensuring our streams are not used in non-compliant ways.

Thanks, a useful heads-up. Now I’ll know what has happened when BBC Radio 4 stops working and then I’ll have to switch my old fm tuner back on because casting the BBC Sounds app to Volumio with an android phone is not a menu option.

Any movement on this?
Now that the BBC have turned off direct access to their internet streams to anything other than the BBC Sounds app the only other viable means of listening to their output is via the low resolution DAB over-the-air services :worried:

This thread has solutions

Working for me in the Netherlands.