Automatic Start // Webradio


I have an Raspberry Pi with the current version of Volumio (3.616).
I’m playing an internet radio from an URL “http://…/v1026.mp3”

With the AutoPlay Plugin the radio starts automatically after rebooting the Raspberry pi.

But my issue is the following:

The radio stream itself stops at 19:30. That is fine and as planned.
On the next day the radio stream starts casting again at 05:00
But Raspberry pi is not starting to play automatically.

Is there a way to let the Raspberry pi play the radio stream automatically?

BR, Mario

Without a reboot, no.
When the stream is dead Volumio will stop polling the stream. so when it starts again after x hours, Volumio is not aware of this.
You can create a workarround with a crontab, to reboot the rpi at 05:01.

Thank you very much! The cronjob solved my issue. :slight_smile:

BR, Mario