Auto reboot every Sunday?

Is there an easy (non-ssh) way to reboot either volumio or the pi every Sunday? Like a plug in maybe?


you can create a cron for it.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cron

Create a bash file that will take care of the reboot:
nano /home/volumio/

sudo reboot


chmod 755 /home/volumio/

crontab -e
0 23 * * 0 root /home/volumio/

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Thanks Wheaten
I had done that on Volumio 2 but that got wiped when I updated to 3 and I didn’t remember how to do it.
0 4 * * * will run that script every day at 4am, correct?

Nonetheless, given that volumio isn’t the most stable platform and that regular restarts are probably a good idea, I would still advocate for a more user-friendly version of this.

yep. will do the reboot at 04:00

I just noticed that my volumio is not rebooting as supposed to.

my crontab file reads: 0 4 * * * root /home/volumio/

when I execute /home/volumio/ manually, volumio does indeed reboot.

So it seems that it’s simply the cronjob that isn’t being executed.

Any suggestions?

you can try this as cron job. You don’t need the script.

0 4   *   *   0    /sbin/shutdown -r

Thank you. I ended up putting the instruction in the system-wide cron tab (/etc/crontab), and now it works.