Artist information not updated when change from one song to other song of a different artist

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Just enabled premium features and manifest…
Artist information is not updated when I change from one song to another song of a different artist.
Need to click on the 3 dots and request artist information again to get it updated.


The song playing is from Guns N Roses and the Artist info is from a previous song played from Ed Sheeran… It should be updated with new artist info… or get empty when artist is different.

I’ve seen that occasionally, but mostly (almost always) works as it should. I put it down to connection issues, either locally, or to whatever server is being accessed for the data.

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it’s for sure more than occasionally. I think it’s caused by the Volumio servers providing these details. I guess it’s related to one of these servers.

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The connection is 1Gb wired between the rpi4 4GB, internet router 600Mb and the QNAP NAS where the music is located.
I have restarted it and now it is working as expected… will update this channel if it happens again.

Thanks Pepe, we are looking into it.

BTW, we did not expect such a massive success for Volumio 3 and the Manifest UI… This is literally smoking our servers. We are increasing their capacity and implementing some caching mechanism.

For the statistics lovers, we get about 600k metadata requests per day

Not enough for stats.

  • nr of request per country
  • nr of request per hour per country
  • min and max hits per hour
  • Failure rate per hour per country
  • 10th, 50th and 90th percentile

Wow, I admit then, I am a stats newbie…

(and we don’t store any info on where the request comes from…)

But, would you recommend a good monitoring tool?

Depends on what you want to do. For example Splunk is very powerfull, but not free And might be an overkill for your purpose. Consider to cascade the servers with heavy payloads, so a load balancer can direct the request to one of them, or cache the request per day so you can deliver from this cache for the high runners, or…
But to be honest I am not sure it’s purely the servers. If I switch between sources while playing, this behavior occurs regularly. (2 out of 10)

i am sure that the community have some better ideas, as I am not a sys admin.