All of a sudden Spotify plugin not working

Hi there

After working flawlessly the “Spotify plugin for Volumio2” by Volumio Team, v2.0.3 plugin now refuses to connect with Spotify…I have tied the uninstall, shutdown Volumio, reconnect, reinstall…all to no avail. All I get is (i) 'Spotify Login failed. Please check user name & password + (ii) I do not, as I have in the past when login in, get the redirect to authorize the plugin to (

I am guessing that this is an issue at the Spotify end…but is there any way that I can check as to whether this is the case or if Spotify has changed something their end that might be the cause?

BTW, I am trying to connect using a premium account.

Many thanks in advance of any advice/guidance that can be provided


Please use the search or look at the previous posted topics to avoid duplicates.

Please don’t open a new thread for already open problem…