All in one diy system

Silly question maybe but what is the difference between power off the pi with or without a screen? The screen, in my case a 7.9 inch waveshare, gets its power from the pi. So how I see it, when you power off the pi the screen is also powered off or doesn’t it works this way?

your shim only can deliver 2.5 amps a basic pi4 with a screen draws 3 amps so you will be short of 0.5 amps resulting in strange behaviour and you don’t know why… it’s because the shim can only power the pi
and has not enough power to power the screen / dac next to it.

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Ge, Wheaten, Michel and I are all dutch and we already went true many rabbit holes in the past.

same in this post :

With 5v and 3.5A i should be safe.

I use the power supply of audiophonics in all my last built streamers, never had any problems with it, it must have sufficient cooling and at least 7 volts dc input but not higher than 9 volts dc. I’ll post something here tonight about how or what.

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all i ment to say is that the pimoroni is not usefull with a max of 2.5 amp in your case
and you better go with the other one.

hey michel good morning :slight_smile:

am busy at the moment. will put here tonight how the best power on / off raspberry pi

it must use at least 3 amps otherwise you will get problems, especially with a large screen.

Since I already have a power supply my preference of course is to find a solution to use a power on/off button with that. I planned to use a remotPi board but that is discontinued.

This is not really an option because I will need another power supply

module wise there is not a lot at this moment only this one ( 5v / 7amp ) :

or in the netherlands here but is out of stock

btw the psu that you have is 5v but how many amps does it have?
maybe a link to it so we could see what you have.

Gekocht van een vriend die met een ander project bezig is maar een verkeerde had gekocht en mij leek deze prima.

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okay, then I’m not going to explain how and what about this power supply if you’re going to use another one.

So, if I want to power the raspberry pi on and off with a switch there’s only this option?

Or use another power supply with this:

That are the two only options?

you mean the only one option the audiophonics is 7-12 volt and has a stepdown converter
you only have 5v if that goes true a step down converter you will have maybe 3volts left i hope.

The 5V power supply is enough theoretically. But this isn’t suitable for use with a stepdown converter, I understand that. But with the powerblock should work. PowerBlock - Raspberry Pi Power Switch | The Pi Hut
Or am i missing something? The input is 5v but the output is also 5v if the specsheet is correct.

I would first have a look at that forum for problems with that conscious power block you are talking about.
also you have to manually install a script.

Oke, seems that is not as easy as it looks. I was under the impression that a on off button with volumio wasn’t that hard to install. I thought with the audiophonics on off plugin and/or the gpio plugin it was fairly easy to add a button.

on/off of the pi is not hard,
cutting the power to it you need hardware
or a manual button on usb-c can do the job
don’t get this from sossolutions the price is to high ( we blijven hollanders he )

i was talking about the audiophonics option but you can try it, but we don’t know if it would work.

I think i didn’t made it clear what really want. In this build there will be two pi’s. One is running Kodi and to power that on and off isn’t that hard since it runs under Ubuntu, Debian or something else so to add a script to that and power it of cleanly takes some reading but is doable. The other pi is running volumio and as i understand it this needs another approach to shut it down, and thus power off, cleanly. I want to add these kind of buttons to the case:

Been away for a while because there were other thing that more important. And I had another project laying around that I wanted to finish. My old Marantz 1550 receiver needed a bit of attention and that is where my yet to build volumio system will be hooked on to.

Made a case out of plywood and finished it with walnut veneer. This was my first time ever that I veneered something and it worked out pretty good if I say so myself.


yep, looks sharp.
Is this veneer glued or Ironed?

Eh…looks Marantz :joy:

It was glued and pressed with a few clamps and some pieces of wood.