RPi 7" display and Volumio sluggish when scrolling tile artwork

I’m using v3.449 with a RPi 4 2GB hooked directly to display. Not using network connectivity. I’m using a iFi iPower 2.5A PSU. No lightning icon pops up.

When scrolling via settings, etc. interface is responsive and quick. When scrolling through artwork (albums) in tile mode interface is very laggy. If I switch to list mode with the smaller tiles, responsiveness is a little better, but doesn’t seem as snappy as it could be.

Are there some secret settings to make things snappier or is this just the way it is?

It should only be sluggish on the first load, as all covers need to be loaded. After once scrolling through the complete library, and let the covers appears, it should act pretty responsive. (also after a reboot it should be responsive)

Also since your PSU is 0.5A under the ideal A it is not able to fully ultilize the CPU when under heavy load.

this is a older psu not ment for a pi 4 because pi4 needs 3amp usb-c i would advice a genuine one of rpi.
that should be enough for your screen and pi. ( njiz is right about that. )

I will have to try the official supply. I have one that says it’s 3A, but I was getting the power icon on the display with that one and not with the iPower PSU.

they even sell 5amp versions i had 2 returns because if i read the output it draws 1.5 amp and gives the lighting bold i went after trying 5 psu’s back to the official psu and all went well
i have a rpi4 /4g with official 7inch screen and a usb-c dac

That’s interesting. Was considering the Canakit 3.5A supply via Amazon. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll go with the official supply.

they say it’s tested so i hope we got a new power supply that should support pi 4

I happened to find a 3A official RPi PSU at work and have been testing it. It seems like the scrolling of art work in album view is a little better, but still a little jerky - definitely not as smooth as scrolling albums in a web browser. Canakit PSU comes later today. I’ll test with that next, but kind of expecting similar results.

I’ll try and tack on a video of what I’m seeing.

oke hope that the other psu give a better result
otherwise try a re-install maybe the psu screwed something up, sofar as i know the 2 gb should be enough.